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The power is where it’s always been. The word is alive. Jesus is still alive!

God has always used the written WORD and its timely, contextual interpretation and practical applications to perpetually push His people into a closer walk with Him and to drive their hearts into serving & loving people with the same passion. And that’s the heart behind the posts and content on this blog. Please feel free to subscribe to them to receive them in your inbox. God bless, Enjoy!


A Personal Touch

Do you know how easy and practical it is to believe in and to live for God? I would like to remind you few of the attributes of God, revealed in His Son Jesus Christ that will allow you to have a closer relationship with Him.

The Little Wrong in Every Right

Just back after a vacation with like-minded people, the mind felt as fresh as the dewy, lush, tropical rain-forests of Kerala, where we shared some good time. Here’s what God put in my heart to share on this blog. Read on.

How Porn Kills

We live in a day and age where porn is not just ignored or excused, it’s socially accepted and justified. In this post I attempt to give you five reasons why you need to flee pornography, because if you don’t, it will really kill you!

A Year of Supernatural ABUNDANCE

It is a new year and it is time for us to seek out fresh direction from God, and expect new beginnings in every area of our lives! Psalm 65 was the rhema word we received from God for our church and over our ministry partners. As you read this, I want to declare the same over you, and hope you will receive this as something that God has in store for you.

I Believe in Jesus, Can I Be Possessed by Demons?

The phenomenon of supernatural is quite intriguing. For some, it’s a realm that is tangible, for some it’s abstract, for some it’s merely psychiatric. However, there are far too many incidents that occur around the world, that it’s hard to brush it aside plainly, or discard the theory as tomfoolery. Read on.

Four Keys to Become Active in Your Waiting

Jesus commanded the disciples to wait on God for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit before stepping out into doing any sort of ministry. In fact, He exemplified it in His lifestyle by regularly waiting on God through extended times of prayer in the nights and early mornings.

Revival – My Inspiration for Radical Giving

Giving financially into the kingdom of God through tithes, offering and various other ways, has been some of the most taught (sometimes even wrongly taught) doctrines in the church today. At the end of this post, we would like to hear your thoughts, experiences and testimonies in the area of giving.

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