What do you get when you cross a tiny, furry, extremely territorial pet with other dogs in the vicinity? Plain amusement! And I’m talking about my pet, Theodore. One activity I particularly look forward to is taking him out for a walk. He just can’t stand another dog. He runs after them, some of them three times his size, chases them out of our way (pulling me along in the bargain) till he has the whole area to himself!

Sounds entertaining, right? But how would it be if we also had the same nature? Recently, I observed an elderly Pastor behave in the exact same manner with other younger ministers. I wondered what caused such extreme enmity between people of the same calling, who have the same Heavenly Father, and are working for the same Kingdom.

If we study some people close enough, we would be able to conclude that the root cause of all such problems is insecurity.

Insecurity has destroyed ministers and ministries in the past, and it continues to do so. Among leaders, it takes the ugly form of control, jealousy, manipulation, slander and so much more. All that the enemy does is sow a seed. It is our insecurities that flame it to a wild fire that would eventually destroy everything we’ve worked hard to build over years.

King Saul was, in my eyes, one of the most insecure kings of Israel. How and why would he want to fight a man like David, who served him with all his heart and saved his life on more than one occasions? Of course, one of the chief reasons was that the Spirit of God had departed from Saul; the other being that he saw David more successful and victorious than himself, ultimately leading to his ruin.


So what must we do to guard ourselves against insecurity?

1. Know Your God:

If you are trying to reason out with a person who has a genuine problem regarding a doctrine, a character fault or something more serious, and if he start fighting you, all you need to do is – Be still and know that God is God! He will fight your battle.

Know that your true victory is not in the destruction of a friend with a different opinion, but in his/her redemption.

2. Know Your Call:

The hand can never tell the ears one won’t need the other. If what we’re called to do is different from what others in the kingdom are doing, it doesn’t make either of us less important. Each is appointed and anointed from heaven and should work according to that. What’s the point in getting in the way of someone else’ calling/ministry?

If another is more gifted and/or anointed than we are, it is only because their calling is different from ours, and hence, there is no scope for any insecure feelings.

We are all members of the same body and working towards the same goal.

3. Know Your Self:

This is the most important aspect. We need to know who we are in Christ. As long as we are confident in Christ, nothing will be able to shake us. Our significance lies not in our church attendance or even in the figures that show up on our account statements. It lies in the fact that we are a child of God and God loves us unconditionally.

If there is one thing that will be all our temptation years from now, it would be dealing with insecurities. There is nothing compared to the knowledge of knowing who we are and being deeply rooted in that.

We hope and pray that God would help you rise above every insecurities that would come the way of your life and ministry. Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments below!


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