Masturbation is a taboo word among many people, especially in our cultural context and also because it involves a lot of shame and guilt that accompanies it. Most times it is completely deceptive to read newspapers and listen to peers who say it is absolutely normal and harmless, and to the devil who tells you that it is not a sin. I am writing this post not to make you feel bad or weigh you down with tips/methods to overcome this habit. I just desire to invite you to think and pray a little more about it.

The Causing Factors

Survey states that most teenagers get into this habit at the beginning stages of puberty when they are discovering their sexuality. It might not be a general case but it is true in most cases I have personally known. One of the reasons teenagers are so much bent on discovering it themselves is because they are not properly educated about it by their parents or elders siblings. They learn stuff from their friends and from the internet. Music is good because God created it, but the one who delivers it into your ears will decide its influence in your life. In the same way, Sex is good, because God created it, but it is very essential that we start talking about it to the younger generation before the devil corrupts their thinking about the same.

Loneliness, exposure to porn and/or sensual movies, involving in erotic talk with friends at school/college/work are some of the factors that keeps a person addicted to vile thinking thus leading to day dreaming and masturbation. I have known cases where people have even turned to prostitutes and at one case also attempt to rape. If you’d be feeding your senses with dirt, then you cant expect but to be drawn back into that dirt every now and then, only going deeper every time you come out. If you are serious about getting rid of this habit, then you would have to be very serious about the kind of movies you watch, the kind of friends you hang out with, the kind of books you read, the kind of thoughts that you entertain in your empty head.

The Addictive Factor

One of the reasons why people masturbate is to release the sexual tension. As a matter of fact, the more a person masturbates the more is the urge to repeat it, thus creating a vicious cycle of addiction. This is where masturbation gets onto the harming side. It comes to a place where you don’t even need to be aroused sexually to give in. You will look for ways to arouse yourself so that you can masturbate. This is where a person will tend to get into porn and all other kinds of voyeurism. My only advice is to flee far from all kinds of sexual sins. Once you are addicted, it is a great emotional strain to cut loose of it! But the good news is still that it is possible! Hallelujah, I am free, you can be too!

The Guilt Factor

Most spiritually strong men are paralyzed by this unhealthy habit due to the heavy weight of guilt it leaves behind. It goes to the extent that at times you don’t even talk at or look into the eyes of the person from the opposite sex. As a result, it also destroys healthy interaction with people around. Especially, with believers around. Thus leading the person further more into alienation from the church and more so into the world. I have heard people argue if masturbation is a sin. Guilt is a proof of the fact that it is accompanied by much lust which is of course sinful!

The Overcoming Factor

I remember quitting this habit countless number of times. The fact that I have finally overcome it can be credited only to the habit of not quitting to quit the habit of masturbation. It is in the battlefield of the mind that you have to win this war. Once you have convinced yourself that God is strong enough to help you overcome it this habit, start to pray and read the word. Mark down every verse in the bible that talks of lust or lustful behavior. Meditate on them. Let God teach you first hand principles of walking out of this dark addiction into complete light and freedom in Christ Jesus! Protect your mind, your eyes and your ears! Don’t allow crap to get in to your head. You have the mind of Christ, learn to preserve it and don’t allow people or technology around you to pollute it. Share your heart with someone elder and accountable in God and seek prayer.

But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. – Galatians 5:16

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