I recently discovered why I am more comfortable in Bangalore than in Mumbai. On my last visit to Mumbai for a meeting, my train happened to arrive at the station at 5am early in the morning. What I witnessed there broke my heart. I saw hordes of people including women and children, at times, whole families sleeping on the railway station and outside. It was a cold morning, I myself couldn’t do without a jacket. Couldn’t bear to see the sight of people living without a house or even a blanket of their own.

It comforts me greatly to know that I don’t see such sights in such great numbers in Bangalore. But moving away from pain and suffering is never the solution for it. Today, we live in a day and age when every act of kindness and all expressions of love are looked upon with great amount of suspicion. Nobody expects a stranger to be kind and gentle with them. How do we, as Christians, who are identified with a greater measure of love exist in a world like this? How do we demonstrate the love of God?

I believe that the church today has been successful in most areas except in properly demonstrating the love of God to the needy people in our society. It was the tremendous compassion in the heart of Jesus that drew from the powerhouse of God, to heal the sick, to deliver the demon possessed, to cleanse to the lepers and to raise the dead. How can we raise up a generation of believers and ministers who are moved by love and compassion like Jesus was?

Let’s talk for a moment about the needy people within the church? Do we cater to their needs? Do we see to it that people who come to our churches and fellowship have their basic needs met? You might say, “It doesn’t work in big churches.” But the first century church in Jerusalem was a mega church too. How did they manage to sell their possessions in order to take care of the needy inside the church? If we cannot love the people within the church, how are we ever gonna be able to truly love the people outside?

Romans 5:5: God’s love has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit Who has been given to us. (AMP)

The more you and I are filled with the Holy Spirit, greater is the measure of God’s love that will be poured into you. And greater still will be its overflow out of your life! One thing I have personally noticed by being with anointed men and women of God is that they are people of compassion. Unlike others, their hearts aren’t numb to the pain out there in the world. The only solution to this is the all-surpassing, and never-ending love of God.

My greatest prayer this day is that you and I be ordinary vessels, yet filled by the presence of the Holy Spirit, thus carrying a greater measure of the love of God in our lives!

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