There was this one 17 year old young girl who realized she was pregnant around the time she wrote her 12th grade exams, and being strong at heart, decided to abort the baby two months into pregnancy. She could quote all logical and understandable reasons of why abortion was the only option left for her..But did she try to think on behalf of that little baby, yet to be born, who got murdered even before witnessing a ray of light, for no fault of its own?

Abortions are rampant in our day and culture for various reasons – some are financial barriers, some are social prejudice, others are unhealthy family relationships. But as Delirious? sings it, “Every day we lose children around the world to God’s great orphanage”. Because of reasons that we think are more important than preserving life itself. So many beautiful people are lost; destinies are destroyed when a child is aborted.

How can We, as the Church, the body of Christ help curtail this social evil?

Pray: First and foremost we have to come to realize that ‘Abortion’ is a legally accepted term for murder of innocent babies (Medical Science calls them ‘foetus’, to avoid the guilt) who cannot defend themselves. The devil fights against the lives of children with a destiny. Thank God for sensitive parents like the ones Moses had, who protected their son, and thus the destiny of their nation. (Exo 2:3) Let us rise up to pray and thus protect children and destinies from being aborted. As we pray, we ask God to arise. His enemies will surely scatter! (Ps 68:1)

Support: We need to stand up for single mothers and children born out of wedlock, protect their dignity and treat them as equals in the society. We should understand that accusing people won’t convict them of sin, whereas, the love of God that manifests through our life, words and actions definitely can! One of the things Jephthah, who was a prostitute’s son, asked of the Israelites, when they came to him for help was that they restore him as their leader for all the hurts they’d caused him. (Jdg 11:9) Only a person who’s ostracized by the society will know how painful it is! We are surely supposed to hate the sin, but never the sinner.

Adopt: James said, “Your Faith without works is dead” (Jas 2:17) We might be convinced in our hearts that abortion is not good or practical but could there be something else we could do, other than just pray? Can’t we go a step ahead and offer to adopt a child who’s being rejected by his/her biological parents, thus offer hope to the destiny that the child carries? Something we should never forget is that we all were people beyond hope and reconciliation with God until He adopted us into His family. Listen to this testimony of the worship leader Jason Upton, who was supposed to be aborted, but got adopted, and thus that destiny was saved!

Educate: Often the world promotes safe sex to avoid pregnancy and abortion. But as the church, we should propagate sacred sex. That doesn’t mean we should fight against the use of contraceptives, but that we willingly promote biblical views of Love, Marriage and Sex. Within the church also we need to make people aware of the supremacy of life over petty circumstances, and of the fact that Children are a gift from God. (Ps 127:3) You might not have planned or prepared for it, but God doesn’t make mistakes. He has premeditated a hope and a future for that child! (Jer 1:5)

We, as the Church, have a moral responsibility to stand together to see this social evil being plucked out from its roots in our nation. What is your opinion about abortion? If you want to add to the content, please leave a comment below.

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