This is a topic, seldom discussed or preached! However, the value of life is a matter of concern to every human being, no matter what kind of upbringing, religious or social background each person belongs to. The issue of ‘unwanted pregnancy and abortion’ is therefore real. It is, in fact, a reality which we are faced with almost every day.

Every one of you reading this, alive, is because of the choice your parents, especially your mother made; the wisest choice to love, protect and nourish you in her womb and give birth to you. Sadly, even as you read, thousands of unborn babies in our country, trapped within their mother’s womb are pleading, “Mommy! Please don’t kill me! Don’t abort me away! I don’t want to die! I want to live! Mother…!  Please protect me…continue to keep me safe in your womb, if only for a few more months… PLEASE …!”

My fear is the pleas of these precious, innocent, unborn babies are being ignored. They’re being given over to be killed, just to cover up the mistakes of adults, or a crime or even to make life convenient. And, as if to get rid of the guilt and emotional baggage such an act would bring upon them, the baby is given a cold, soul less but medically correct term called the “fetus”

Picture this scene of an abortion:
As the Doctor’s busy surgical scissors and forceps invade the baby’s safe place (womb) the unborn baby shrieks and cries “Mommy! They are going to kill me! Look!  They are cutting off my hands, feet, and my body, please do something! Why are you just lying there? Run away! Please protect me! ” As the Doctor’s forceps is about to crush the baby’s tiny head, he says with his last breath “Mommy, I was longing for and counting the days when I would get to see you, but since you won’t help me, I die. But mommy, you are still my only mommy and I still love you…”

As graphic and ghastly as it may sound, this is the fact about abortion. And yet, every day, thousands of unborn babies are allowed this cruel death right under the watchful eye of those very people whose responsibility it is to cherish, protect and nurture them.

I cannot think of a wickeder and a more severe crime than slaughtering totally helpless, innocent, unborn babies, through abortion, in the very womb which is meant to love, nurture, provide and protect. Whatever circumstances the baby might have been conceived in, whatever the situation the mother or family is faced with, the unborn baby is not at fault, the baby is innocent! Why pay for it with its life?

How grievous it is, if the only way to continue to live one’s life is at the cost of killing one’s own baby, using the innocent baby as a shield to protect the interests of grownups, when it should be the other way round?

I believe after reading this, if you come across anyone faced with such a situation, then it won’t be another coincidence but a divine appointment for you to extend the life of a tender soul, struggling with the option of life and death. Instead of pitying or condemning the mother, family or any person involved in the unwanted crisis of a pregnancy, by saying ‘she should have never gotten into this in the first place’, how about raising a voice on behalf of the innocent unborn baby, to tell them that ‘Abortion is not the solution to unwanted pregnancy’ and connecting them to people who are ready to help provide them with an alternative to abortion.

Will you consider being an Ambassador for the unborn babies with the life line of Hope?


[stextbox id=”info”]The writer, Ms. Moamenla Jamir is the Founder & Director of Mother’s Hope an organization that helps young girls/women and their families going through crisis pregnancies. To know more please visit

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