One of the many questions that was raging in my heart during the recent catastrophe that hit Northern states of India especially Uttarakand, is “WHY?” Why did that have to happen? What was happening in God’s heart as thousands of bodies were buried under the water?

Uttarakhand Floods - India

As a Christian what should be our response to tragedy, a natural catastrophe or even acts of organised crime? Should we be questioning God’s justice like Job did? (Job 27) Or should we condemn the victims saying they deserved it, like the Pharisees of Jesus’ time did? (Luke 13:1-5) Or should we just name it as signs of the end days and remain apathetic towards it, like most evangelical churches today does?

Lets look at how the first century church responded to something like this. I pray that God would grip our hearts and pockets to respond in a similar way.

Acts 11:28-29

[28] One of them named Agabus stood up in one of the meetings and predicted by the Spirit that a great famine was coming upon the entire Roman world. (This was fulfilled during the reign of Claudius.)

The church led by the apostles was so in tune with the Spirit of God that they not only received discernment concerning the spiritual state of the church and its folks, but also received continual revelation of what was about to happen in the physical realm. Isn’t that how the church today is supposed to function? Amos 3:7: “Indeed, the Sovereign Lord never does anything until He reveals His plans to His servants the prophets.

I am greatly sad that there was no one (including myself) in our churches in India (including my own) who were asking God for specific direction regarding what is about to happen in the physical realm of our land. If only we had that one Joseph in that one palace (Genesis 41) or one Paul on that one ship, (Acts 27) the outcome of the things would have been much more different.

It is very easy to stand up in judgement of the people who have been victimised by a particular tragedy, but it is much difficult to hold ourselves accountable for missing out on hearing God’s heart. Please know that it’s not for us to make judgemental statements like most churches do when faced by the “why” questions. Here’s something that we can do.

[29] So the believers in Antioch decided to send relief to the brothers and sisters in Judea, everyone giving as much as they could.

What a splendid example of generosity is that. Please understand that they had only heard a prophetic word concerning what is about to happen. It had not yet occurred. But the people were already eager to help and reach out.

I so wish our churches today would be likewise prepared and ready to give and bless at any crisis point in the nation or elsewhere. Our first priority is surely to reach out to our Christian brothers and sisters in trouble and in need of help. But it doesn’t end with that. We have to go out and be a light to the people of the world as well.

Matthew 5:16

[16] In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.

May I ask you to think in this direction everytime we are faced with a crisis. Is there anything you need to do to realign your prophetic ears to hear the voice of God? What can you do to brace yourself for what is about to come to pass in our land?


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