I was shocked to read this news about a girl from IIM Bangalore committing suicide because her boyfriend supposedly dumped her on Facebook. As common as this news may seem today, it should ring an alarm in the heart and mind of a believer living in this day and hour. It is high time that the church and it’s leaders rise up to the aid of hurting people.


As believers it is our responsibility to first make sure that nobody kills themselves because of their foolishness. And even more so try our best to reach out to the ones who have suicidal tendencies. I have met many youngsters who have been battling suicidal thoughts and let me share a few pointers I have learnt in my conversations with them. Please feel free to add your thoughts in comments section.


Identify the Symptoms

It is not easy to identify a person who has been harboring thoughts or intentions of committing suicide, without the help of the Holy Spirit. It is not usually only the depressed and introverts who would be suicidal. Most times the introverts only think about suicide but don’t have the courage for the same. It is those who are more extrovert, greatly interactive, easily angered, short tempered, extremely rebellious or unusually jealous who are at a greater risk of actually committing suicide.

When a person of such character stops being so interactive and suddenly calms down with no much expressions of anger or frustration it should not fail to alarm you of something going wrong with the person’s private life.



Accept and Befriend

Once you identify a person who runs the risk of suicide, The next greatest thing is to accept him into your world and at the same time get accepted into his world without any suspicion or any amount of criticism towards his behavior. This might at times even involve putting up with rude or selfish behavior from the person you are helping.

Please understand that the person might be already fed up or disappointed with his immediate family and friends and hence would need an assurance that you are there for him/her. That might take your time and efforts as well. The other day a house wife committed suicide and her husband later told the media that she had asked for 10 minutes of his time before he left for office, but since he was getting late, he didn’t take it much seriously, and also ignored her texts during the day and came back home to find her dead.


Confront the spirit:

One thing you have to understand about suicides is that it is not just a cheap way of escape from life’s problems, it is a fatal weapon that the devil uses against people who have a divine destiny. The destiny of the jailer in Acts 16:27 was to receive Jesus and his entire household to experience salvation. But spirit of suicide tried to stop him from reaching that destiny before Paul confronted it. (Acts 16:28)

As men and woman of God may your eyes be open to see and know that every person born into this world is born with a destiny. (1 Tim 2:4) It is our duty to confront any spirit that will stop them from reaching their destiny. Right when Cain was planning the murder of his brother in his heart, God confronted him. (Gen 4:6-7) When Judas was planning Jesus’ betrayal, Jesus confronted him. (Luk 22:21) Both of whom didn’t repent. So it is your duty to confront the spirit in them and their duty to respond by surrendering to Jesus.


The only solution to suicide is salvation! Till the time a person completely surrenders his life to Jesus, his life will remain aimless, meaningless and greatly painful. Only receiving Jesus into his/her life can change the person for good!


But do not forsake accountability and keep a constant check on the person’s mind. It has to be constantly renewed till he has the mind and attitude of Christ! (Rom 12:2, Phil 2:5)


Have you spoken to or counseled anybody who has been suicidal? Would you like to add anything? Please feel free to leave your comments below!

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