Last night, I got my much needed, much awaited and long due outing, when I got to hang out with my wifey and a couple of friends. This was what we did – we went out for a movie (Now I know there are some of you who think watching movies is sinful. I don’t agree and here’s why:


The movie we chose was ‘Piku’, and it was a thorough entertainer. I would definitely recommend it as a one time watch, if you do understand Hindi. The plot moved around one phase of life of an elderly man and his daughter. The actors were brilliant, the screenplay was vividly colourful and charmingly Bengali,  the script was amusing and it was about a constipated old man! Well, I wouldn’t spoil it for you with more details. However, in this post I would like to share a few things that are depicted in the movie which I would like to disagree with. Knowing how powerful a role media and movies play in shaping the culture and values of a generation, I felt the need to express my opinion and perception as a Jesus loving and Bible believing Christian.

You may not agree with everything I state, but I would request you to keep yourself reminded of the purpose with which you were really created for, before coming to a conclusion on these issues. Most importantly, test these thoughts with the Bible to understand and define your conviction, because the Bible is God’s word and it gives us the necessary foundation to build our everyday lives.

So, here are the top 5 of my pet peeves with this movie, and here we go:

1. Casual Sex is Cool

Repeatedly, the unmarried actress is shown to have ‘need based’ casual sex, and is seen to be acceptable and perfectly OK. Widely promoted as being a very casual and pleasure feeding act, this day and age is witness to the fact that sex outside of marriage has disastrous effects on the spirit, soul and even the body of a human being. What is actually meant to be a holy, sacred and God ordained practice, to be enjoyed and celebrated within marriage, is perverted into something hollow, empty and unyielding. I don’t want the young people in my generation to be under the impression that it is OK just because that’s the fad in the ever changing culture of our times. No matter what all changes around us, the matter that we are made of, is still the same!

Bible says, we actually become ‘one flesh’ with the person you have sex with (1 Cor 6:16). That’s something that will have a disastrous effect on your soul. Hence we cannot afford to engage in sexual behaviour with any man or woman except the person we have vowed, in the presence of God, to stand by and remain married to. Casual sex is not cool, it is only damaging you beyond your worst fears!

2. Marriage is Burdensome

There is a lot of conversation, expressing views in the movie, that marriage is burdensome. I am married for two years, and I know that is a short duration compared to many of you out there. But I still disagree with that ideology. I know that marriage is hard work, it’s definitely not a ‘happily ever after’. But that’s also because marriage requires us to be selfless. Self centred living and selfish behaviours are the root of all problems in the marriage of the day. We live in a world where marriage is a topic to be made jokes upon and divorce is considered greatly liberating, only because the world doesn’t have great examples of God honouring, selfless, not egoistic husbands and wives.

I believe and pray that your story will be different. If you have the gift of singleness, you will be the best single christian out there. If you’re called to live in a married relationship, you will have the most godliest of marriages, better than you have ever witnessed. Thousands will be blessed by seeing your life and relationships.

3. Surrender to Parents’ Will

(I am trying hard to not give out the plot of the movie for those of you who have not seen Piku yet but intend to watch it.)

The father in the movie is extremely dependent on his daughter and wants her to comply to everything he says. I love the Indian culture for the weight it puts on honouring parents, and the fact is that Bible also commands us to love, honour and obey our parents. However, the bible is never for the idea of glorifying your parents to the extent of letting them control the children’s life. I say this with a lot of respect toward my and all other parents, but those of you who want their children to live strictly as per your will, you’re in danger of playing god in their life. And that’s not something that God would enjoy seeing you do.

As a son or daughter, when you let someone, including your parents, take complete control over your life, you are literally giving the lordship of your life into their hands. No matter how good your parents are, you can love and honour them without actually capitulating to their will. I personally know a lot of people who find it difficult to do that, and I am not saying that it’s easy. Ask the Lord for grace and He will fill you with courage and wisdom for the same.

Ephesians 6:1 NKJV
[1] Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.

4. Arrogance Gets You Respect

The actress in the movies is portrayed to be a very independent, successful and an equally arrogant person!

I have often found this to be true. Many people seem to give you their respect only when you are mean and rude towards them, while they take docile people for granted. This seems like the law of the corporate. As much as this might work for us, it doesn’t befit a Jesus follower. Our Lord taught us to be humble yet wise in our dealings.

This is also something that I am learning in my personal life to overcome and change, and marriage has thrown light on those areas in me where I’m being arrogant, when I need to be flexible and adjusting. There is no shortcut to gaining God’s respect. He loves and celebrates the meek. God’s testimony about Moses in Numbers 12:3 has been such a great inspiration and aspiration for me personally. I pray that you would dream of being that person that God would enjoy hanging out with.

5. Motions Dictate Emotions

‘Piku’ is lot of fun, with its dialogues and situational humour surrounding the nauseous description of constipated motion. Amitabh Bachchan’s character is constantly cranky and constipated. The movie goes on to say that everything in your life revolves around motion. Even how you behave and live depends upon your physical condition. The actor justifies his constant cribbing and negativity with the fact that he is going through a very difficult and embarrassing physical condition.

With all due respects and in complete solidarity with malfunctioning digestive tracts, the bible commands us to practice much the opposite, this time relating to more than just motions. Your physical activities and state don’t have to necessarily decide the state of your heart and dictate your feelings. Instead, you let the Word of God dictate your emotions and your thinking.

James 1:2 NKJV
[2] My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials

That’s the lifestyle we are called to live by. Even when we are going through trials of many kind, we should still chose to celebrate in God who is our refuge and strength. The world looks at themselves and their bodies as the source of all satisfaction, and hence it is justified for them to lose their mind when the physical realm goes for a toss. But for a child of God whose heart is founded on the Rock, Christ Jesus, the one who remains the same yesterday, today and forever, a change in physical state should hardly be able to change the state of how one feels and thinks.

I loved the movie Piku, and I am glad it makes me think and understand clearly on the areas in which I stand out different from the fundas of the world. I hope you would stimulate your wholesome thinking and let Christ be the center of all you reasoning and logic. Your comments and questions are always welcome.


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