I write to you out of a pressing need!

But before I begin, let me introduce myself. I am an armourbearer from the Old Testament times.

As an armourbearer, my responsibility was to carry the weapons of the master during the battle so that his hands would be free of any additional burden while tackling the enemy. We were known as confidantes and trustworthy men, personally recruited by warriors and kings. Oh, how I would stick to my master like his shadow, protecting him from all possible attacks upon his life. I wouldn’t even mind laying my life for him–that’s how passionate we armourbearers are!

From then till now times have changed. But this world still needs us desperately and I have got bad news for you–my clan is fast falling extinct.

“Wait a minute. Why do we need you? Where are the wars?” you may ask. Yes, you don’t see wars happening like before in the natural sense today, but in the spiritual realm, all sons of God are involved in a fierce warfront, constantly at fight against principalities, powers and rulers of the dark kingdom.

And here is where I am voicing the heart cry of many–the world is in desperate need of armourbearers. Yes, we all are fighting our individual battles, but would you take a little focus off your struggles and stand up as armourbearers for church leaders, ministry leaders, evangelists and pastors who are in the front line of attack?

It is alarming to see the rate at which ministers of God are putting their feet down and quitting in dejection. Know why? People are always there to criticize and condemn, but there is hardly someone who would speak a word of encouragement, pray or lift up their burdens.

Do you know the Hebrew word for ‘armour bearer’ is ‘to lift up’?

While there are many who aspire to be used of God as worship leaders, popular evangelists, miracle workers or prophets, vacancies; but talk of armourbearers and there are hardly any takers!

Would you become a part of us by being someone who encourages and intercedes for your leadership standing shoulder to shoulder in their godly vision?

Qualifications: Here is what you need

Humility and an attitude to serve – that’s one pre-requisite that makes you eligible to join us. 1 Samuel 31:4-5 speaks about my contemporary–Saul’s armour bearer, who was committed to him even to the point of his death! Remember submission involves sacrifice. It could even mean sacrifice of your thoughts and desires in lieu of your leaders, knowing they are better experienced in being led of God!

Still interested? But let me warn you—Being an armourbearer is definitely not easy. In fact at times you may feel it is a thankless job. It could even mean times where your efforts are overlooked or not recognized. Do you remember the supernatural victory that Jonathan won for the Israelites in 1 Samuel 14, when all odds were heavily stacked against them? You may credit Jonathan for it, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the ‘heart and soul’ backing of his armourbearer. The crowds cheered for Jonathan, but his armourbearer went unnamed and unnoticed in the Bible.

Are you willing to fade in oblivion, and yet rejoice in the light of God’s work done through others? Is it sufficient for you to realize that though the world doesn’t see your efforts, God’s loving eyes are on you and He is proud of your heart?

Will you choose to remain committed in your work, whatever you do, knowing that your reward and appreciation comes from God, and not man? And remember when God lifts you up, you can’t imagine the limits. Am sure you have heard of Israel’s King David. But did you know that David was an armourbearer for Saul before God made him King over Israel?

A Call

Congregation your pastor needs you to be his armourbearer. Sisters, we need you to rise up and be armourbearers for your husband. Youngsters you can be armourbearers for your leaders.

Wounded hearts are waiting. Tired shoulders are waiting. Heaven is waiting… There is a dearth of armourbearers in His kingdom, would you be one?

Yours truly,

An Unnamed Armourbearer

Kim D’Souza is a dear friend based out of Mumbai, where she lives with her husband Derrick. Kim has been an editor on GTH Blog and has been a gifted writer, whose calling is to edify through written and spoken words. You can connect with them at

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