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I’m thankful for a good dad in my life. Because of him I was able to understand the love of my Heavenly Father.

I know not all of us are blessed with good earthly fathers, but we all have something in common, an everlasting Heavenly Father.


When I first came to know my heavenly Father, I used to use my relationship with my earthly father to better understand how God loves me. I’ll illustrate this better with a story.

It was 2005 when I came down to India for medical school, my parents came to drop me off , we had planned it so that, they would be around in India for the first week of school and then leave. But last minute the school postponed the starting date to a week after my parents flight back to Canada was booked for. I was calm and excited for starting medical school for the whole period, that is, until the night before my parents were leaving. That’s when it hit me, and that’s when I wanted to book another ticket and join them back to Canada.

So there I was scared, didn’t have words to say, with tears rolling down, and my dad took my hand and took me on walk, and he told me this: “Sometimes we have to make sacrifices in life, I know this is hard but it will be worth it in the end. Don’t look at the now but look at the goal you want to reach.”

With my dad’s words of wisdom I wiped away my tears, lifted up my head and broadened my shoulders ready to face what may come because of the courage those words spoke into my spirit.

This is the same with the words of our heavenly Father, there are days when we are so scared to move forward, days when the future is a scary thing, days we want to run back to bed and sleep away the troubles, but then the Word of our Father comes. His Words are Spirit and life.

Keep those words close to your heart, drink from it, live on it, for without it, it’s a scary battle out there. 


“My son, be attentive to My words;

incline your ears to my sayings.

Let them not escape from your sight;

keep them within your heart.

For they are life to those who find them, 

and healing to all their flesh.” Proverbs 4:20-22

God bless you as you discover more and more of your Father’s love for you in His Word, may His words strengthen you for the battle!

Praying this post has ministered to your hearts. Please feel free to share below your thoughts and experiences of your encounter with your Heavenly Father!

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