Therefore shall they (Levites) have no inheritance among their brethren: the LORD is their inheritance, as he hath said unto them. (Deu 18:2)

According to the instructions Moses received from God, the whole Promised Land was to be distributed amongst the eleven tribes of Israel but the tribe of Levi had no inheritance or stake in the Promised Land.

Here is a group of people that had gone through equal amount of struggle for the last 40 years in the wilderness. Just like the other tribes, the Levites had suffered the same challenges and yet they were not given a right to own a piece of property in the promised land.

I’m sure they felt cheated out of their blessing and just when they thought all was lost. God made this emphatic declaration He said “for I am their inheritance”

Now let’s weigh this out. The eleven tribes get a piece of property, they get to build houses, and they get to have extravagant farms and grow plants and eat of the growth of the land. They get to put fences around their houses and say, “This is mine,” and probably also, give it a fancy name. They get to build play-homes for their grandchildren and shops for commercial businesses  and a whole lot of other possibilities.

Now the Levites were given a small portion where the tabernacle rested. They had to wait each month for people to bring in the harvest and offer it to the Lord. Only then they would have a morsel of bread to eat. They did not have huge chunks of property against their names. They just had a promise from God – “I’m your inheritance”

Phew! Now think of this for a while… The Levites had a right to God. Selah.

I don’t know what this means to you but if I read the text right, the promise entitled the Levites to get a piece of God. They could make a demand on God. They could claim Him to be theirs’. They have a birthright to Jesus. Wow!

They didn’t get piece of the Promised Land, but they got a piece of God.

Would you be willing to sacrifice your promised land to get to know God better? Would you trade your financial freedom to be dependent on God to feed you? Would you give away your sinful lifestyle to Host God and serve Him?

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