[stextbox id=”grey”]This is an interview with my dear friend Tiny, the beloved wife of my friend and mentor Rev.Shyju Mathew. She is one of the simplest Christians I have ever met, yet one of the godliest and Jesus-like charactered woman I have personally known in my life. The questionnaire was collected from a list of friends, I pray this post blesses you. You may also read her Blog or follow her on Facebook or Twitter![/stextbox]


Ajin: What is the Vision for your life?

Tiny: To love God with all my heart, mind & strength, to know God’s heart, to walk with God, to love others, to walk blameless & faithful before God & to do all that God wants me to do.


Rashmi: Who do you think are you for most part of your day? Tiny Mathew, (Minister SMM) or Tiny Mathew, wife of Shyju Mathew?

Tiny: At home I am just Tiny. For some I am Tiny Mathew, maybe for most of them I am Shyju’s wife. I am blessed, but what really matters is that I am the daughter of the most high God.


Amit: How does it feel to marry a man who is more crazy about God, than you?

Tiny: Feels great. In fact I desire that my husband love Jesus more than me & it’s the same for me & that’s how it should be for everyone.



Priji: Could you give some suggestions for young woman waiting for their prince charming to show up?

Tiny: Never pursue a man. Pursue God & He will send you the right man at the right time. As a single person, enjoy your time fully with God & be patient 🙂


Aleena: How do you manage to keep up to the level that people expect? How does it feel to be a minister’s wife and how much do you think an important role can be played in his life and his ministry? Has fame affected you? How has life changed after being a public figure now?

Tiny: You will never be able to manage to keep up the level of people’s expectations. Different people have different expectations. So it is best to keep God as our focus.

It’s a privilege and an honor to be a minister’s wife. I think my main role as a minister’s wife is to pray for Him and support his vision & of course to respect & love him.

Jesus is the one who gets all the fame, so we should not be affected.


Sharolyn: How to overcome temptations as a girl? And how to put God first in everything? Even before husband? How does your marriage affect your spiritual life? How to balance between Husband and God?

Tiny: One way of overcoming temptation is by constantly living in the Spirit.The more you walk in the Spirit the more you can take over your carnal nature. You may read the post on my blog titled, Overcoming Temptations

The first commandment of the Bible tells us to love God. It’s a command & as a child of God that should be our first & foremost priority.

Marriage has only been a blessing to my spiritual life.

About Balance between husband & God – since I am blessed with a husband who loves Jesus, I have no issues. We both encourage each other to pray and the more we get close to Jesus, the more we get close to each other.


Priji: Have you had career ambitions/aspirations? If yes, how did you deal/ handle them?

Tiny: I did have career ambitions before my marriage but slowly & gently the Lord just took away all my desires as I submitted everything into His hands.


Jemeema: What are the challenges you face as a minister’s wife, esp when your hubby is a heartthrob of many youths?

Tiny: Everyone faces challenges in life, but it all depends on how we respond to the challenges. Girls do desire to be with a man like my husband because he is anointed, but for me since God gave him to me, I trust God with him. So it is not my problem, it is God’s.


Rashmi: How did God show you the person you would spend the rest of your life with? In other words how did you find your Mr.Right?

Tiny: I never went seeking after him, God brought him into my life at His time. I met him through a common friend. After a period of praying & fasting I was convinced this was the one whom God wanted me to marry.

Frankly speaking I never wanted to marry a minister cause I wasn’t sure if I could keep up with the pace, pay the price, if I would be useful or be a blessing  & I never wanted to be in the lime light. I was totally new to ministry too. But I tell you, if God has called you, He will prepare you for it. His grace is enough.


Concluding Note: 

I encourage everyone out there to never stop pursuing the one who loves you the most. To give your best to Him. We have just one life & when we are completely yielded to the Holy Spirit, He can do anything with you. The day you stop feeling hungry for Him is the day when you will stop growing spiritually. As the Bible says, “Blessed are those who are spiritually needy. The kingdom of heaven belongs to them.”


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