Hope you are enjoying this festive season of Diwali. The  smell of crackers and the amazing fireworks going all around will give anybody goosebumps! As a matter of fact, bible talks about more Light than any other physical components. (272 references in KJV) Frankly speaking, I have never enjoyed brightly lit environments or noon time sun light, as a matter of fact I wear a spectacle that gets tinted when I go out into the sun. Recently I was at a minster friend’s home, and he happened to mention how he likes brightly lit rooms. When I expressed my choice, he told me something that got me thinking for the next few days! Let me share a few lessons I have learnt…

The Theology of Light

Bible starts off with the whole process of God not liking darkness, and thus creating light! If you read carefully, you will understand that light is more than what we see! What we see is the visible light coming from the sun, moon and the stars that were created on the fourth day. But God created Light back up in the first day of creation of the world! The first thing that came to mind of God when he wanted to restore this world damaged by the devil and filled with darkness is “Light!”. If I was around when God created light, I would have turned a skeptic right on the first day! Light that can be understood by our senses was created only on the fourth day! So is the bible wrong when it says God created light on the first day? The answer is No!!

Lesson 1: Just because you can’t see the light, it does not mean that the light is not there! Even when you are walking through the valley of the shadow of death, the Light of life has promised to be with you! (Psa 23:4, Joh 1:4) You might not always see Him, or always hear from Him, or always feel the goose bumps, but you can by faith believe that He is there with you! The actual manifestation of the light might come probably 3 days or 3 decades later! But it is the presence not the provision of the light that makes the difference!

Lesson 2: You are the light of the world ~ Jesus to us. (Matt 5:14) When you walk into somebody’s life, they should experience light, in other words they should experience God! Please don’t be disappointed when you don’t see a dramatic lightening kind of an experience every time you walk into a dark situation. However the fact that you, light of the world is present there; creates a huge impact on the spiritual atmosphere of that place! Even a small matchstick lit in a dark environment looks very bright. One kind word spoken or just a touch on shoulders could be as powerful as casting out demons!

The Cleansing nature of Light

One of the main charecteristic of light is that, it has the power to drive out darkness. When you are into a dark room, you don’t take as much effort to remove darkness out, as much as you take to bring the light in. The reason being that light and darkness just cannot coexist! When Mr. Light comes in, Mr. Darkness always has to walk out. It says in Genesis 1:4 that God separated light from the darkness. The bible further declares, Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! (Isa 5:20)! God has made a clear cut differentiation between light and dark. John said “If we say we have fellowship with the light while we walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth” (1 Joh 1:6)

Lesson 3: Walking in the light in simple terms means having a consistent fellowship with the Light of life, the Lord Jesus Christ! You don’t have to struggle to keep the bad things out of your life as much as you have to put in efforts to keep the good things in. One of the greatest struggles I have had after I committed my life to Jesus was in the area of lust. I tried books, methods and sermons! They were very informative but none helped. Slowly I started pouring scriptures into my memory and tried fellowshipping with the Lord 24 hours a day. And I realized that the dark thoughts couldn’t stand the marvelous light that the presence of Jesus carried into my life.

Lesson 4: Walking in the light also means being transparent! Let the godly people around you know and see the real you. Don’t ever try to put a mask on, telling people you are better than who you really are. When a light shines into a room the dirtiest things in the room becomes visible for everyone. There always needs to be a bunch of people around you to whom you need to be completely honest to, accountable to and transparent with. I would have gone crazy doing crazy things had it not been for godly mentors over my life who know how to pull my ears every time I light up some dark areas of my life! Get your entire life lit up before God can use you to light up your family, your church, your town/city and your nation!

Light Brings in the Vision:

Another danger of being in the dark is that you start seeing lesser and lesser. When your eyes gets so much used to the darkness around, you will get accustomed to seeing less and thus your vision will get clogged. I just took my specs off and decided to go out prayer walking right in the middle of the afternoon yesterday. The sun was bright outside, so when I reached back in to room I realized that my room was actually lit very dim. It was only when I allowed my eyes to get hurt and get accustomed to the brighter light outside that I started seeing the darkness in my own room!

Lesson 5: You will never know how much of darkness has entered your life, till you will actually learn to expose your spiritual eyes to the glorious light of God. You might feel very comfortable in the things you do and say. But the moment you start looking upon the beauty of God, you will start crying at your wickedness like Isaiah did in Isaiah 6. I pray that the Lord will open your eyes to help you walk in more purity and humility in your life ahead. Don’t ever get comfortable where you are. God said “Be holy, as I am holy” The standard of holiness is the Lord himself! That thought kind of messes me up every time I think about living upto God’s standards. Expose yourself to the glorious light of God today.

Lesson 6: The vision that comes with the light can not only be used to clean up your life but also to pave the way for your life ahead. Every time you read the word of God it brings light to where you need to turn to, the next moment in life. I love to quote this. ‘God’s word is a lamp and a lamp does not show a long way ahead which is why it is required of us to go daily to the lamp of God for everyday directions (Psalm 119:105)” ~ Shyju Mathew. None of us will want to refuse directions to walk ahead in life. As a matter of fact most of us want to know what the will of God is for our life, so that we can walk in it. You will get to know that only when you expose yourself to the light IN God’s word.

Let me wind up by asking you to start reading all the scriptures in the word related to the concept of Light, Click here for a shortcut, and even as you do that may God enlighten your heart, mind and your eyes with his light, in Jesus’ name! Conclusion: 1. Know that God is light and he is there with you 2. Know that you are light and be with people who need you. 3. Fellowship with Jesus to walk with Him. 4. Be transparent before God and men. 5. Be open to know God more. 6. Allow his word to guide and direct you.

Wishes, Prayers and Blessings

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