One of the synonyms on MS Word for the word ‘THRILLING’ is ‘AWE-INSPIRING’. AWE-INSPIRING. The adjective makes me wonder. To understand it better, allow me to paint a picture for you. Shall we?

The rain drops are glistening on the tar road, the beautiful green leaves are dancing to the tunes of the breeze, the world seems to be in a hurry to get home and there are vehicles till as far as the eyes can see! There is a helpless traffic police and in midst of all this haphazardness, bikes are manoeuvring through every inch of space they can set their eyes on! That’s my city…Mumbai…day in and day out! In midst of all this chaos, as I sit cocooned in my car, I see a child sitting in front of his dad on a sturdy old bike. And I watched their journey.

After scraping through a few cars, the dad hit a tiny pothole, the son smiled. Then, the dad rode on a puddle and splashed dirty water on everyone around and also his son. Everyone around looked at him coldly, but the son laughed. The dad sped up and the son, in all that I could see in one flash of a second, put his head back and laughed heartily. His hair flew in the wind and he thoroughly enjoyed it. Now, that is thrilling. Even as I watched them go, I forgot the trauma of the traffic jam and enjoyed one moment of that contagious thrill.

My people, do you know who that child could and should be?

The puddles, the crowd, the honks, the splash of dirty water, the speed of the bike and the narrow paths that his dad chose to manoeuvre through did not matter to the child. He just sat there, in his glorious throne that his dad had carved out for him, enjoying every minute of his ride with his father. He knew that his dad was in control of the brakes and the accelerator. Well, do we know that too? Our life journey would be thrilling if we allow God to be our ace rider.  What could be a mishap, if self-tried, would become an awe-inspiring tale for others to tell, if, we allow God to take to the wheel of our life. Somewhere down the worries and the agonies, we have forgotten to enjoy the splash! Somewhere down the narrow scrapes and the bumps of life, we have forgotten the wind that makes our hair fly. Somewhere down the line, we’ve tried too much and left too little for God to move in. Let us switch places with God. Instead of taking Him on a ride, let Him take us on one. Now, THAT ride would be worth an eternity. ‘Happy front pillion riding with God’

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