I once read the story of a butterfly, which went like this:

“A student found a cocoon one day and brought it to his biology teacher. She put it in a glass box with a warming lamp. About a week later, the students saw a small opening appear on the cocoon . Then the cocoon began to shake and tiny antennae emerged, followed by a head and little front feet.

The students watched the progress of the emerging insect through the day. By noon it had freed its listless wings, the colors revealing it to be a monarch butterfly. However, try as it might, no matter how much it wiggled and shook, it did not seem to be able to force its body through the small opening. One student decided to snip off the end of the cocoon to help the insect.

Out plopped only the top half of what looked like a butterfly! The bottom half was a large swollen insect which crawled about dragging its listless wings. A short time later, it died. The biology teacher later explained that the butterfly’s struggle to get through the tiny opening was necessary in order to force fluids from its swollen body into its wings so they will be strong enough to fly. Without the struggle the wings never develop”

It’s strange how the metamorphosis of a butterfly can speak to us…but it does! And this is how- All of us have many promises and prophecies relating to our LIFE that God gives us, directly or through a person. But how often do they seem to come true? Some seem to have taken years to come true.

Just a single thought of GOD, if seen in the light of his SPIRIT, is so AMAZING that it has the potential worth and richness of nations and kingdoms! But in spite of having several promises and words from GOD we often live in a state of SPIRITUAL POVERTY.


The reason behind it all is that, just like the butterfly was ripped open by the student, we tend to live an easy life on a clean platform prepared by our pastors, parents and our loved ones. We’re fed on Ready-to-eat promises, prophesies and blessings, and live leisured lives which has made us the way we are – LAZY!

So is there any scope of us putting the basic minimum efforts to witness HIS PROMISES FULFILLED? I’m afraid not!

Many a times we get so dependent on a preacher/minister, that if he/she gives us a promise we would be swept off our feet all excited, rather than understanding that the promise was meant to be from God to build a personal relationship with HIM, or that God meant to communicate with us through the promises before He told it through another person, or even so that we pray over it seeking God’s direction.

Unfortunately, now-a-days, we’ve come to a place where we are neither willing to pay a price in prayer nor are we doing anything to multiply the talents that GOD has given us. Mathew 25:14-30 tells the story of talents. “The faithful servant worked to multiply it

Proverbs 22:29 “Do you see a man skillful in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men.”
Philippians 2:12 says work out your salvation with Fear and trembling

If we could work out what becomes of ‘we will stand before Kings’, we’ll be able to grasp what it is in God’s Heart for each one of us!

We have become so used to living easy lives, our cocoons being ripped open for us that it has made us lame in our spiritual walk, leaving us to crawl half butterfly-half caterpillar. As in the story, only the butterfly’s struggle and effort can bring out strength to make it fly.

Dear readers, I encourage you to work it out. Have a personal relationship with HIM, strong enough to develop your spirit, which alone can help you fly higher in His promises and even seeing them come true at God’s appointed time. God needs a generation to transform this world/Your State/Your City and He is waiting for you to FLY. Rip yourselves off from slumber and stand up, prune yourself to win for His Kingdom. Stay Blessed!!!

Suhasini Augustine is a friend from the city of Vijayawada, She is a passionate lover of God, Her vision is to be a dwelling place for God’s raw manifested glory in the world and is called to be a prophetic worship intercessor. You can connect with on twitter @hasiniSA

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