I was very humbled, recently, when a senior minister, who has had more exposure in the ministry, in life and with people, came up to me and said, “I’d like to spend more time with you so that I could learn from the way you minister and talk to people.” I couldn’t help notice his enthusiasm to learn!

One of the principles, that has captivated my heart and kept it focused, is Jesus telling the crowd in Matt 5:3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit; for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven”  Anybody who maintains a spiritual attitude of being poor, will inherit and own/possess the kingdom, the culture, the greatness, the riches,  the goodness… OF HEAVEN. Wow!

The greatest challenge to spiritual growth in a person’s life is when he gets convinced that he knows it all or has it all. As long as this attitude remains, he will never grow in his relationship with God. In Jesus’ parable of talents, the guy with a talent was satisfied with the one talent he had, which stopped him from trading it to earn more.

Sadly, that’s exactly how many of today’s christian leaders behave and act. There are some who seem to be completely content with what they know and have, and so, don’t find the need to seek more. There are some others who feel what they have or know is not worth anything. Hence they timidly take the backseat, not wanting to grow either. Both these extremes are dangerous and can only lead to stagnancy, which in turn, leads to non-productivity.

Being in India, most of us would know very well the life of those living in poverty. It is humbling to live an impoverished life. It is humbling to accept that you don’t have it all.

It is equally humbling to accept that you are poor, when you actually have a great ministry, much wealth or a successful business. It is humbling to ask and seek and knock on heaven’s door for more of God every now and then. Your life and ministry will be God-ordained and Spirit-led only if you are willing to completely depend on God. It will remain fruitless, otherwise.

I urge you to remain humble and poor in spirit. The poorer you are, the more you will need God. The more you need God, the more you will seek for Him, the more will you find Him, the more will you know Him, the more will you become like Him!! Isn’t that our ultimate goal?

Please don’t be satisfied with anything less than Jesus. As you seek God, you might get new revelations from the scriptures, greater knowledge, deeper understanding, or even signs, wonders and miracles! These are all part of the package of the kingdom of heaven, but don’t be satisfied with anything less than Jesus Himself.

Are you proud about your spiritual heritage or are you pitying your self for your misery? Would you evaluate yourself and check, on which extreme you find yourself to be? Both are selfish and ungodly. Remain poor in spirit and keep pursuing God for an increase of His presence!

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