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by | Jan 29, 2018 | Jesus!!!

This article is a repost, originally published on Oct 10, 2010.

Do you know how easy and practical it is to believe in and to live for God? If you discipline yourself, it is not a great challenge to have an intimate and consistent fellowship with a God whom we can’t see, touch or feel always!

I would like to remind you few of the attributes of God, revealed in His Son Jesus Christ that will allow you to have a closer relationship with Him.

God is Personal

The only image that comes to my mind when I use the big word “GOD” is of the life and personality of Jesus. The fact of how Jesus dealt with people when He was on earth tells me how God wants to relate to you and me even today. Very often in the gospels, we can hear Jesus calling out people by their names. Jesus was not just interested in ministering to people in the crowd, but also in building personal lasting relationships with them (Luke 10:41). It thrills my heart with exuberant joy to know that the creator of the whole world would want to get personal with me!! That He would want to know my name, be my friend and my lover.

God is Sensitive

Jesus wept at the grave of His friend Lazarus. Remember that Jesus knew well in advance that He will raise him up from the dead. Still He wept, because He understood and felt the pain His friends Mary and Martha went through at the death of their brother. The author of Hebrews says, Jesus was tempted in every way that we are tempted in today. He understand our weaknesses. He is more sensitive and understanding of our weaknesses than we ourselves are! You will not believe how much the heart of God hurts everytime we miss the mark (Hebrews 6:6) or when we suffer injustice in this evil world! (John 11:35)

God is Accessible

Jesus would go to the extent of getting Himself criticized by the religious folks just because He would hang out with the social outcasts and the most criticized ones in the Jewish society in those days. He would allow Nicodemus to come and meet Him in midnight hours with no previous appointment. Except during His isolated prayer hours, Jesus was always accessible for people to be able to talk to, to have Him pray for them or to dine with them. In fact Jesus proactively asked to have dinner with Zacchaeus who couldn’t reach Jesus because of his physical stature. Once, as my friend was talking to a ministry team about having a life of prayer and not a prayer life, I wondered how privileged I am to have complete access to God through Jesus Christ, at any time and hour of the day or night.

Having known and said this, let me ask you if you have a personal relationship with Him? If your answer is no, then I would want to talk to you, please mail me at [email protected]


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