Human beings are reasoning beings. They keep trying to look into the deeper meaning of things. The moment they stop reasoning, they know they’ve hit the cycle of thoughtless monotony. The result is obvious, lack of joy.

I looked around and saw people dancing. I particularly imagined them dancing in the discos and pubs. Then I tried to look at the reasons why they dance. Dance, I know is an outward expression of an inner feeling. It is most often in a moment of joy that one breaks into a dance. When I examined the reasons for their dancing, here’s what I found:

This guy, who has just broken up with his girlfriend, has walked in with friends to get her off his mind and oh boy, he is dancing his limbs off! Or take that dude who just got promoted as Senior Manager in Sparkling Corporation. Caught up in momentary excitement, he is only days away from quitting that post for a better salary in the rival firm. And here’s a guy and girl combo. They dance like they are in true love. But “ true love” has been the debate of ages. I can almost see these kids breaking up soon.

I surveyed their reasons for dancing and found them to be good, but only momentarily, not good enough over the span (if there exists a span) of timelessness somehow. I just find lack of depth in the reasons for dancing.

All of this is in contrast to some valid, super, strong, eternal, solid reason to dance. I found some valid reason to dance in Jesus Christ.

Consider some reasons even as they pop in my head right now. In no particular sequence, what makes them awesome is they are not temporary happinesses but eternal joys.

  • My sin has been taken care of at the cross
  • Death has been defeated. Think about it. I can never die. NEVER!
  • I have some great company of Jesus and His angels all the time
  • All my nagging guilt, satan’s lies, people’s discouragements…washed away at the cross
  • I get to be humbled at discovering the greatness of God daily and that could easily move me off the category of proud snobs!
  • The sky is blue, The grass is green, there is a guitar in my hand and a song on my screen (in my head)

This is where, Kaaran Jayaz, one of my latest songs flew out from. The song has become a rage wherever we’ve sung, at our concerts lately. People love this disco song with a solid reason to dance.

And the words go like this…

[stextbox id=”grey”]

In Hindi In English
Nachenge, Gayenge Tune koi mauka na diya gam ka Tujhme payein jai Paap aur uski saari maya jaal se We will dance, we will sing You have never given us a reason for sorrow We receive, Your Victory Over sin and all of its schemes and devices

Yeshu mein kaaran jaayaz naachne ka! Yeshu hai kaaran jaayaz naachne ka!

Jesus in your we have valid reason to dance Jesus, you’re the only valid reason to dance
Jeeyenge Tere liyeHardam aatma ke saamarth aur shakti se Chamkenge Tere liye Jaise chamke tare ghor raat ke aasmaan mein We will live for you Every single moment in the power of Your Spirit We will shine for you In the likeness of the stars that shine in the night sky
Yeshu mein makhsad jaayaz jeene ka Yeshu hai makhsad jaayaz jeene ka…. Jesus in your we find valid purpose to live Jesus, you’re the only valid purpose to live…


Catch the video glimpse of this song here

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