We have entered the last month of this year, the month filled with Love, Joy, Family, Gifts, Cards, Carols and a lot of other celebrations. This is the month that celebrates the human incarnation of Jesus Christ. We celebrate the fact that God the Son, Jesus Christ chose to keep aside his omnipotence and eternality and entered into time as a human being and exposed himself to sin, pain, hurt, loneliness, etc and every other good and bad we face in this world All for the sake of Love! Hence, it is utmost important that we celebrate Jesus above everything else in this special season.

It pains my heart to see people live broken lives. Just this morning, I was speaking with a beautiful girl studying to become an air hostess who wanted to kill herself. While talking to her I realized that our primary need in this world is not beauty, money, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends but it is true Love. A love that will not fail, that will not change. Since Christmas is all about love I was inspired to share this with you, and is dedicated to my dear air hostess friend.

Bible describes the nature of God as Love! And it proclaims that we were made in His image, in the image of Love. Our hearts, minds and lives need love. Often we try to fill it in with things. We try to keep ourselves busy to run away from the loneliness, or get into good/bad relationships to fill that deep dark and black hole in our lives. You might even try going to Church or getting involved in the church activities. We have our own methods of trying to run away from the fact that we need love. But the naked and real truth is that most things around us fail us, people fail us, Church services come to a close, activities comes to an end. We cannot depend on any of these things to fill us! It cannot be a thing, but only a person who will take that place in our hearts!

Oh, you know very well who I am writing about! It’s about Jesus, it’s about having and celebrating a real-time relationship with Jesus! People think it is not practical to be in a relationship with a person who is not visible or audible. But, the fact of the matter is that Jesus is more real, more visible and more audible than we know or understand. Two thousand years ago, Love entered this planet earth, lived here, died here for the sake of love, and rose again from the dead! Since then He has been flooding this planet earth with His love, grace, mercy and forgiveness as a proof of His reality! Christmas is gigantic reminder and announcement of the same. He is the only person who can fill that vacuum in your life and subsequently, grant it a relevant meaning.

It really doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a Christian, Hindu or Muslim, etc! But let me invite you to examine your life for the lack of true Love, and allow the person of Jesus Christ to fill that lack. Your life is like a lock that can’t be opened by anything other than the love of your life, Christ Jesus! Till you meet Jesus on a personal level, your life will be continue to remain closed. Let me invite you to celebrate love, to Celebrate Jesus. This is what this festive season is all about! It is about celebrating that eternal love! I pray that you will celebrate the person of Jesus, the divinity of Christ! The best way to celebrate Him or His love is to respond to His love, with a ‘Yes’! Saying a ‘Yes’ to the person Jesus, and calling Him the Lord (Master, Ruler, King) of your life.

I assure you that if you make that decision today, you will not forget this Christmas for the rest of your life! Just allow Jesus to love you, and love Him with all that you have. Let Him take all your hurt and pain, and allow Him to give you His love, joy and peace!

If you have made that decision today (or anytime in the recent history), please leave a comment here with your email id or send me an email on priji4jesus@yahoo.com with the Subject: I need Jesus. I would like to send you a free e-book to help you know more about God and His purpose for your life. I also promise to pray for you.


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