I’m thrilled to be back to the virtual world of blogging after a break of more than a month! It has been one brilliant month, with lots of wishes, prayers and blessings coming in on my 25th birthday, and a host of fresh decisions and commitments being made.

When I look back to my life, there were a hundreds of things that went wrong, many more that didn’t happen as I had planned it to be, but I find no reasons to be unhappy or ungrateful about them. Because one thing I am sure of, that all the days of my life have been chronicled in heaven! (Ps 139:16)

Though I was born into a Christian home and raised up in much godliness and fear of God, it didn’t take me long to stray into the paths of sin and get lost in worldly ways. It would be embarrassing for me to mention the kind of vices I involved in at the tender age of 11-13. I never felt guilty at indulging in sinful activities during those days, and it went from bad to worse with every passing day!

During those days, I attended a bible study in our church where Pastor V. J. Thomas ministered. It was on one of those nights when he taught the necessity of being born again. Almost all of a sudden, I was convicted with the truth regarding my sin and the need for a Saviour. It’s only now that I realize it had been the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit who convicted me then.

Thus, I got saved on the night of June 18th, 2000 and got baptized in a month’s time!

Till before my baptism, I was oblivious and unconscious to the world around me, the presence of sin and my committing them. The REAL struggle began after that! I realized my own best efforts to live holy and be perfect in the flesh were humanly impossible, just an absolutely waste of time!

It was then that the importance of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and living life in daily surrender to the person of the Holy Spirit was revealed to me, and it was then that life became so much effortless. Praying and reading the bible has not been a burden, but a pleasure ever since the day I got baptized in the Holy Spirit.

God’s spirit taught me to tune myself to hear from God with clarity and know His heart and purpose for my life, because life lived out of the will of our Father in heaven is in vain. (Matt 7:21)

Today, my only aim in life is to live in the presence of God and for the pleasure of God. And the will of God for each of us is that, we portray Jesus in all aspects of our lives, be it our walk with God, our relationship with fellow human beings, our ministry, or anything else!

Let this be our prayer for each other too.

Love and prayers for each reader of this blog.

Do leave a comment below and share your heart.

We would like to announce that we are starting our first church in Bangalore this coming Sunday (July 15th). Since we are few in number we will be meeting at our home for time being. We desire to call it as Bangalore Revival Centre, a church born with a desire to love Jesus and to love people expecting nothing less than a citywide revival. We invite you to come and join us when in Bangalore. Details Here 

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