Just today evening, somebody asked me about hell and if I believe that God really tortures people in hell. I wanted to give a very nice and satisfactory explanation to that question, when it suddenly struck me that God does not dwell down there in hell. In other words, what makes hell, HELL is the fact that God is not available there!! And what makes heaven, HEAVEN is the fact that God lives up there in heaven!

I am in this place where I do enjoy my walk with God, I enjoy living in and for God! But I am coming to this surprising reality of how congested, meaningless and torturous my life will be without the personal presence of God every single minute of my life! Yes, it is official I need GOD! I really really need him!


I don’t know if you will take this sign of dependence on God as a good thing or bad. But for me it turns out to be such a relief because, I am no more in control of my life. Since I am depending on Him, He dictates my life. I am not any more in anxiety of what tomorrow holds, just because I know God has already scheduled my tomorrow well in advance in His huge diary of events to occur in my life.

In my personal relationship with God, I am as dependent as a small child holds on to his father’s hand in a crowded place. And be so confident that even when I leave His hand, He still has his eyes on me, that the moment I lift up my hand for help, i just know for sure that he will be there to embrace me and to draw me up into him.

Needing God is the only never ending need of my life! I will just need Him for all eternity long! The day we start to experience pain in our hearts for being out of the presence of God for even a minute, that day we will just start to realize the extent of pain Jesus endured on the cross!! He is the only one who is worthy of entering and remaining in the Father’s presence, yet he was cut off from His Father’s presence, so that we who are not worthy can walk in there and receive the embrace of the Father.


May I invite you to come back to your Loving Father today? Would you place your trust in Jesus today to wash away your past and lead you into your future? I pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to brood over your life!


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