This is the time of the year when you get tired of trying to keep up with your new year resolutions and also a lot frustrated trying to find significance by doing a lot of things. This is a small reminder that it is not what we do that make us significant, but who we are! Listen to this – We are the King’s kids! I would like to share with you a poem written by a dear friend. My prayer is that it will encourage you and strengthen you to trust in God and His righteousness alone and rest in Him completely. Even as you do that, He will manifest is His great works through your life and mine!

Why are you downcast O my soul
When the Lord your God is King?
The mountains tremble at His call
And the heavens, His praises sing

Why do you sit mourning all night long
When he calls you His own child
When He says “I know you by name”
“You’re mine and only mine”?

Why do you feel all alone
When He’s there by you all day
When He’ll never ever leave you
Nor will he ever forsake?

Why are you heartbroken
When the King of kings says He loves you?
And even though the mountains should part
He will always be there for you

Why are you so lost and sad
When he loved you to the point of death?
You cannot survive on your own
He is your every breath

Why are you downcast O my soul
When your Love made the Earth and land?
The One who bled and died for you
He is the Great I AM

Josephine……forever I belong to Jesus

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