Religion and Worship has been one of the most used and misused terms in the world today.  The reason it is so important for everyone to have a mature perspective about worship is because we were created for worship! Let me quote here the experience of a lead song writer and singer. “Leading worship tonight was so very humbling.. The fullness of joy found in His Presence is overwhelming my soul” – Darlene Zschech What is so precious about worship that everybody has a very unique experience of their own when they encounter the true and living God in worship?


Created to Worship

We were not created to be worshiped but to worship. Unfortunately, today the state of almost everybody in the world (including the religious folks who claim to worship a deity) is opposite! They want people or their religious institutions or God to worship them by getting their needs fulfilled or give them much attention and priority in their own lives. However such kind of worship from people to you only leads you to greed for more of it! it never brings you to a place of satisfaction or contentment, because that is not what you were made for! You work best and will enjoy your life only when you fulfill the purpose for which you were made!

Consistent Fellowship

Worship is less about singing songs or chatting mantras in a sacred place and more about being in continuous fellowship with the God who created you. When God created Man and Woman and placed them in the garden of Eden, they enjoyed a relationship like a parent with a child or a husband with a wife. The bible says God came down into the garden of eden every evening and they conversed to the fill of their hearts. The day man sinned, he did not have the guts to face God that evening! Ever since, this sinning mankind has been running away from their creator God! You might be going to church and attending all the praise and worship sessions there! But that’s not how worship existed in the garden of Eden. Worship existed in regular fellowship. That brought joy to the heart of man and a sense of fulfillment to his soul.

Worship Restored

The day man and woman sinned and were removed out of the garden of Eden, God put an angel with a sword outside the garden to stop anyone from entering the garden again. Anybody who tries to enter into that garden will run himself up against the sword held high by that angel. God was driving a clear cut message to humanity. “The wages of sin is death” You rebel against God, you will die, you rebel against the author of life, you will not enjoy your life anymore. Friends, the good news that I want to announce today is that, someone went through that gate of death for you and me. That’s none but Jesus, the only begotten son of God. True worship and consistent fellowship with God was restored on the day that Jesus died on the cross. He rose again from the dead to show us the way back into the garden, into consistent fellowship with God, into true worship.

U Need Jesus!

If you are reading this post, and haven’t yet experienced this fulfillment, contentment, and enjoyment that I am talking about, may I request you to welcome Jesus into your life, he will change your complete perspective on life. He will change your whole world! Please write me a mail on or call/text on +919620208227 to know more on how to let worshiping God and walking with Jesus could change your life.

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