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The power is where it’s always been. The word is alive. Jesus is still alive!

God has always used the written WORD and its timely, contextual interpretation and practical applications to perpetually push His people into a closer walk with Him and to drive their hearts into serving & loving people with the same passion. And that’s the heart behind the posts and content on this blog. Please feel free to subscribe to them to receive them in your inbox. God bless, Enjoy!


5 Questions Atheists (& Non-theists) Often Ask

'If I had answers to all the questions I have, i wouldn’t wait a minute to embrace christianity', said a friend once. I love people, whether they are christians or not, and I enjoy getting into honest and loving conversations with people of different religious and...

Taming Your Tongue – Love v/s Truth

One of the greatest areas of change in my personal life in 2014 has been in the area of my speech, and that is also the reason why I have been passionate in investing my time and effort into this series. All the blog posts in the series have been more or less notes to myself. Read more.

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