The church that I am pastoring over here is called the Bangalore Revival Center. Our desire and heart for the church through all these days has been to host God in our individual, family, and corporate lives till we see revival over our church, other churches in the neighbourhood and ultimately the whole of Bangalore.


It is not a coincidence that every other church or ministry that God is raising up in these last days are envisioning a “Revival”. I believe it is the heart of God for our generation. If only we could start dreaming on the same lines will our hearts be satisfied with nothing less than a massive revival.

The story of Samuel in the Bible inspires my quest for revival much. The Bible says, “Now in those days messages from the Lord were very rare, and visions were quite uncommon” (1 Sam 3:1). Even in such a time Samuel kept ministering unto the Lord. He remained in the presence of the Lord day after day. Samuel had not heard God, nor did he have a great mentor in Eli. His seniors (Eli’s sons) were not worth being an inspiration to him in any way either. Samuel lived in the darkest days there could ever be.

But his continual pursuit of God’s presence opened the door of an entire nation to Revival!

How often do we get discouraged when we don’t see immediate and dramatic results? How quick we are to blame the timing and purposes of God and consequently become slack in pursuing His presence? Can I tell you a blatant fact? God desires to send revival, and He desires to do it now! All that He needs are vessels and mediums that He could use in pouring out His presence.

It doesn’t matter what your church/ministry’s name is, what your vision is, or where your heart is, would you still pursue God for a revival? When revival hits, everything else will automatically fall into place. Your dream should be none less than a Holy Spirit driven person, family, church, city, and nation! That is how revival looks like.

It’s one thing for you to lean on the Holy Spirit, and a totally different thing for the Holy Spirit to drive you! I like what the NLT Bible says about Gideon, “Then the Spirit of the Lord took possession of Gideon.” (Judg 6:34). It’s the one thing that we lack in our lives and the church today; allowing the Holy Spirit to literally take possession of us and driving us into our God destiny.

All that God desires from you and from me is genuine and unquenchable hunger!

Hunger for Revival

Desire for Revival

Dream for Revival

Pray for Revival

Preach for Revival

And keep doing that till you experience Revival!


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