If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. ~ 2 Chronicles 7:14

I remember once walking across the commonwealth stadiums in Delhi and asking God is it possible that the whole of India can get saved? Is it possible that these stadiums be filled with people repenting of sin and turning to God? And God answered saying, “If I could make that happen in the very capital of a pagan nation like Assyria, at Nineveh, where everybody including the Government bowed down before God I can do that again! All I need is a repentance and revival preacher like Jonah to walk across the streets of your land with the message of the gospel.” I was ashamed to admit before God that day that I am the one responsible for lack of revival in my land!

Friend, if only we could have a generation of people who will take what we have experienced in Jerusalem down to Nineveh, repentance and revival WILL come! If only we could take the power and the glory that we experience within the four walls of the church down to the streets and malls of our land, we will surely see the nation repenting and turning back to God! One thing about revival is that it is contagious. It spreads like fire.

It is not possible for a man who has married a woman who is on fire to remain cold. He will sooner or later catch fire too. Same applies to her friends, her classmates and colleagues, church mates and travel mates. I am dreaming of a revival characterized by holiness, by evangelism, by social transformation that will span the length and breadth of this nation and the nations of the world. But it all starts with the church. It happens only when you and I would resolve to take Church beyond those four walls!

Jonah was insecure about his position and credibility, hence didn’t go at the first call. How often do we miss the revival call of God cause of selfish desires and ambitions rooted deep in our habits, attitudes and traditions? Without the seed dying, there is no birthing of grains. Will you be the seed that will be ready to lose your name, fame and identity for the sake of revival in our land? Haven’t we fought too often? Haven’t we compared endless times? Haven’t we spent on fruitless endeavors? Isn’t it high time to ask God to change our directions?

May I invite you to tell God to throw you off the boat you are travelling on, if that’s what it takes to see a healing and revival in our land. Let us press on together as a generation, and as a family till we see revival in our hearts, families, churches, towns, cities and nations!

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What do you think we could do to prepare ourselves and our churches for a revival? Please share below!

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