Rashmi-Priji-babyIt was just in the beginning of this year that I published a post about heading towards marriage. And soon enough, here is the next big news – my wife Rashmi and I are headed towards parenthood!

It’s been a very happening phase ever since we got to know of it. It came as a total surprise and brought much excitement to both of us.

It was in this past week that the baby started moving and we could feel the baby’s movements and kicks. It’s been such an incredible experience, so much so that Rashmi has been doing everything possible to feel the baby move in the womb. In fact, it’s more fun seeing her scream out with utter excitement.

This phase of our life has personally made me really grateful for two things.

I began to realise how much our Heavenly Father celebrates each move of ours, however small or insignificant they might seem to be. If I am so delighted to celebrate every move of my baby, how much more does the good and loving Heavenly Father! The Bible says there is great rejoicing in heaven when one sinner repents.

The second reason to be so grateful is that I realise how much my Dad and Mom have worked hard to bring me into this world and make my life comfortable. I can count so many things my parents have done and still continue to do to bless my life. So often, during my childhood days, have I woken up to the sound and tears of my mom or dad praying by my bedside. I can never repay them back for anything they have done for me, but I am sure heaven will keep an account of the smallest of things and reward them for the same.

I cannot complete this post without mentioning how sacrificially Rashmi has stood by my side for the last few months that we’ve been married. It has been a tough phase, but no matter how much unwell or weak she is, not once has she failed in her responsibility as a wife or as a minister in the church. Infact, for the last two Sundays she has been going all the way out into the night to cook food and bake cake for the entire church. It just feels like she is gifted with the desire and the ability to serve.

Would you please keep the both of us in your prayers? We have a lot of information about parenting, but not surprisingly, we aren’t much experienced. We are relying solely on God to equip us in every thing required to be a godly parent to the ‘Baby’ Varghese who is on his/her way!

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