It was during the Navi Mumbai Ablaze conference that God put in the heart of Pastor Priji to go back to Delhi a second time to sow the seeds of revival and prophetically declare God’s kingdom over the city. A word from Revelation 2:7, “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches” fanned the vision behind this conference.


Preparations for the conference began last year December with the meeting up and organising with leaders and pastors in Delhi, in whom God had put in the desire to stand by the vision.

God gave a team who began with the preparations and groundwork, prayer partners who began praying 40 days prior to the meeting, and friends and partners who sowed financially into the event.

The conference, scheduled on September 14, 2013, was held in Gole Market in Central Delhi. The meeting began with worship led by Team Collaboration. The song “Show Your Power” set the tune for the rest of the day of what God was to do not just there, but in the city in the days to come.

Pastor Ankit Sajwan inaugurated the day’s event with a prayer, inviting the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Priji Varghese initiated the meeting by sharing about the vision of Ablaze in Delhi and the revival to come, as promised by God.

If God could revive the evil city of Nineveh overnight, even without Jonah believing, at a time when salvation was not available to non-Jews, how much more could God revive a generation of believing Christians in the land of Delhi! The church has to depend on the presence and power of the Holy Spirit since revival without either is impossible. (For complete sermon, click here.)

Pastor Cleophas David preached on encountering the fire of God.

As in Exodus 3, when God was breaking the nation of Israel, God was simultaneously breaking a man. We have to have an encounter with the fire of God, because when we expose ourselves to the fire of God, it exposes us to our destiny and purpose in God. The fire of God would fill us but not consume us. The Lord is calling the Church to come to Mount Horeb to His presence, where He can encounter them in the city and in the nation! (For complete sermon, click here.)

Pastor Subi Samuel spoke from the lives of Peter and the Prodigal son, throwing light on how the grace of God is made available to weak and unworthy people like us, how we are not used because we are good but because His strength is made perfect in our weakness. The prodigal son, though he rebelled and went astray and in the end returned home as a man who had lost everything, his father not only had mercy on him, he celebrated his return. When the son’s prayer changed from, “Give me” to “Make me”, his entire life changed! (For complete sermon, click here.)

Evangelist Hari Rao Pawar opened his word by stating and emphasising that “Answered prayer is not proof of God’s love, the cross is.” Sharing from the story of Lazarus, when everybody plans a funeral for you, God plans your resurrection. God is raising a generation that will not quit on Him. A fresh move is coming to Delhi through broken vessels, people who are broken, desperate, ill-treated by this world but accepted in Christ! Churches in Delhi, do not stop or quit because Jesus is on the way. (For complete sermon, click here.)

Pastor S.K Tandon blessed the ministry team with a word of prayer and brought the meeting to its conclusion.

The powerful word shared by each speaker, interspersed by worship and praise, laying on of hands, prophesying over the attendees and claiming back the people and the land of Delhi proved to be a time of intense blessing to the church of Delhi.

Highlights from Delhi Ablaze:

  • The meeting saw close to 85 people who were part of this conference.
  • One brother, who didn’t know the gospel, walked in hearing the worship and on receiving the word committed his life to Jesus. He attends a local church now.
  • God’s presence manifested as He used the speakers to prophesy over the gathering, with plenty of prophetic confirmations over their lives in the Holy Spirit.
  • At the end of the day, under the leadership of Evg. Hari Rao, the church prophesied over the city and the nation that crimes against women will supernaturally decrease over the next one year.
  • Testimonies poured in stating how the churches had experienced a powerful move of God. Pastors wrote to us mentioning how much the church members were blessed.
  • People were revived in their walk with God.

Thank you dear friends and partners for sowing into Delhi Ablaze through your consistent prayers, support and offerings which made this happen.

To find captures of moments from Delhi Ablaze, please follow the link here.

Also, the statements of the income and expenditures can be viewed here.

An overflow of Rs. 12,240 would be forwarded into the next Ablaze conference to be held in Ambernath from October 18th -20th, 2013.

For the glory of His Kingdom,
Team India Ablaze


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