At the start of this year, I was very excited, when iTunes released access to international albums on the Indian Store.

never-alone-video - Copy (2)My most privileged purchase this year would be my mentor Rev. Shyju Mathew’s single, “Never Alone”. If you don’t have it already, you should buy it now.

Here are 10 of my most loved albums from the year and the reasons why I love them.

Go on iTunes/YouTube and check out their previews, and if you like them make sure to purchase your own copy of the same.

(Please do not use pirated or downloaded versions. God will honor you for that.)

1. Burning Lights – Chris Tomlin

(sixsteprecords/Sparrow Records)

chris_tomlin_burning_lightsThis was the first album I purchased this year. I am an all time fan of Chris Tomlin but this album was a very unique combination of amazing worship and praise songs with insightful lyrics. My favorite in this album would be “Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies)”.

All the songs have a very unique flavor to it. The second song also has a guest rap part by Lecrae.

2. Glorious Ruins – Hillsong

(Hillsong Music Australia)

Glorious Ruins HillsongThis is the 22nd, live, praise and worship album by Hillsong Church, which was recorded in London and Sydney with worship leaders from the Australia, London, Stockholm and Cape Town Hillsong Churches.

I really enjoyed the songs in this album, especially the title track “Glorious Reigns”, but my favorite would be “Christ is Enough”, and second favorite would be “Man of Sorrows”. This is a must buy if you lead worship.

3. Morning Rises – Aaron Shust

(Centricity Music)

morning risesI love this album because its filled with so much life and passion.

The songs reflect the glory and majesty of God in a very beautiful way.

It is totally worth the buy. Do not miss the song “God of Brilliant Lights”(which is my wake up alarm tone 🙂 )

4. Nachoonga – Sheldon Bangera

(Integrity Music)

I have been so hooked to this latest album by Sheldon that I Nachoongahave lost track of the lyrics of the original songs in English. The best for me in this album would be “Tu Kabhi Na Chode Mujhko”. If you have any Hindi speaking people in your church community, this is an album you should in no way miss.

Even if you do not sing Hindi songs much, this album will get your heart going after God as you listen to them.

5. Let the Future Begin – Passion

(sixsteprecords/Sparrow Records)

Passion_Let_the_Future_BeginThis should be my favorite of all albums from this year. Every song in this album gets me going on a dancing and singing spree. This was recorded live at the Passion Conference, with about 60,000 youngsters singing along, at the beginning of this year.

I love the passion that each of the Passion worship leaders bring to the album. I have been in the process of introducing all of the songs at BRC.

6. Revealing Jesus – Darlene Zschech

(RGM New Breed / Integrity Music)

Darlene-Zschech-Revealing-JesusThough Darlene has been one of my all time favorite worship leader, I have never enjoyed an album led by her so much as this one. It’s not just about the songs and lyrics, the music arrangement is brilliant. The song “Victor’s Crown” is a top favorite even at BRC.

This album has songs that we can easily adapt for usage in church for a Sunday service, and at the same time, in our personal worship times on any regular morning. I enjoy the beats so much that that’s what I would listen to while working out.

7. Tides – Bethel Music

(Bethel Music)

tidesThe depth in all of the songs in this album is so wonderfully awesome. I enjoy the entire track list during my regular times of prayer and worship, and even during leisure. This is a studio recorded album and hence has the flare required to pump you up in your lone moments and quiet times, unlike a regular live worship album.

Bethel Albums are always worth the buy, and so is Tides. “Chasing Song” is my favorite in this album.

8. We Are Young & Free – Hillsong Young & Free

(Hillsong Music Australia)

HillsongYoungAndFreeWeAreYoungAndFreeA peppy album of the pop genre, it is so full of life and energy, it makes me feel like a teenager every time I play it.

Recorded live at the Hillsong Convention Centre, I love the way Hillsong improvises on their music culture to remain relevant to the current music standards of the secular world. “Alive” & “Gracious Tempest” are my favorites in this album.

9. Your Grace Finds Me – Matt Redman

(sixsteprecords/Sparrow Records)

your grace-Matt RedmanThe deluxe edition of this album on iTunes would get you a few marvelous videos along with it.

The peppy groove in the video of the opening song, “Sing and Shout” will be worth every penny spent purchasing this album. “Jesus, only Jesus” is a song which, I believe, promises to withstand the weathering of time to come. This album has been globally rated as a 10/10 album.

10. Zion – Hillsong United

(Hillsong Music Australia)

“Oh to be like you, give all I have just to know you”. Those are Zion-Unitedthe lyrics from the song ‘Scandal of Grace’ from this year’s Hillsong United album. This was a very unique album for the United band as well.

The songs are so fresh and right from the heart of God. Again, a great album to enjoy during personal times of prayer and worship. Do not miss picking up this album or the acoustic version of the same.

Now, it’s your turn. Would you share your favourites with me too? Any particular song or album I should pick up before the year ends? Kindly use the comments below.

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