Pleasure for Self

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Accountability

And he went down and talked with the woman, and she pleased Samson well. – Judges 14:7 AMPC


Welcome to another day with Jesus, another day to offer our praise and worship to our Savior!

Our lives is not about ourselves. We can do our jobs, build relationships, go to church but at the end of the day when we reach Heaven, we will realise how much we have missed God’s plans and purposes for us.

Ask Samson, a man with great strength but with less spiritual intelligence.

It is true that God can use our failures, our mistakes and our brokenness to bring glory and honour to Himself but that does not justify for all lifestyles.

David enquired with God before every battle. Samson could have spoken to God or enquired a prophet on how to fight the Philistines but instead he went and asked a women who pleased him.

I pray that in all decisions and dealings you will enquire God first who can turn your mistakes or short coming for His glory! You can save yourself alot of heart ache and tears. Samson had lay down his life in order to protect and save his people because of the choices He made.

The Bible says Samson settled for things that pleased him but not God. Can we run away from things that don’t not please God?

When we chose to live a lifestyle which pleases God, we will accomplish His will. Click To Tweet

Pursue God, His heart and His will today!

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