An Exclusive Altar

Nov 28, 2017 | Podcast, Prayer

Exodus 30:1

“Then make another altar of acacia wood for burning incense.

Series: Incense of Prayer

In the Old Testament, God gave instructions to design the temple. This temple is just the shadow of the actual temple in heaven.

God tells Moses to make an altar exclusively for incense. Incense represents the prayer of God’s people.

There are three temples that the Bible talks about: the shadow in the Old Testament, the temple in heaven that the books of Isaiah and the Revelation talk about, and the present temple on earth that is the bodies of His children.

There should be an exclusive space and time allocated in one’s life for prayer. It’s not enough to just pray with others, but there should be a separate altar of incense in one’s life allocated exclusively for prayer.

One can start by spending ten to fifteen minutes a day and then gradually increasing it to spend time with God and burn incense on this altar.

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