Bountiful Harvest

Dec 20, 2017 | Podcast, Revival

Psalm 65:11

“You crown the year with a bountiful harvest; even the hard pathways overflow with abundance.”

Series: Psalm 65

Today we are going to look into scriptures that you can lean and depend on.

As we enter into a new year, we generally pray for our ambitions to come to pass, but these scriptures will allow you to pray for God’s ambitions and goals for your life to come to pass.

As per Psalm 65, I declare that in 2018 in your life there will be a bountiful harvest. In every area where there is lack, let there be a bountiful harvest.

It is not possible for God to fill you continually and you not overflow because, when God begins to fill you, the natural result is that rivers of living water will start flowing through your life.

The scripture also says that even in the hard pathways there will be abundance. God doesn’t promise to remove your problems, but He says even in the midst of your problems you will experience abundance.

So prepare your heart for 2018 and prepare to receive what God has stored for you in the year.

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