Evangelism Starts in Your Home – Pastor Sandeep Daniel

Jan 18, 2020 | Church

This podcast is a repost, was originally published on April 14, 2018.

An interview excerpt with Pastor Sandeep Daniel on Evangelism.

Pst. Priji Varghese: How do we synchronise ourselves with God’s heart with regards to evangelism?

Pst. Sandeep Daniel: It is insanity to expect a different result by repetitively doing the same things as before. When it comes to evangelism too, we’re expecting God to do something but our efforts are the same, unwilling to change. The Gospel is the only thing that can save a depraved soul. Acts 1:8 says we “are to be” witnesses. The Gospel should work in us first. What I do is good, but what I am is more important.People should see me and glorify my Father in heaven.

Pst. Priji Varghese: People do not relate to our messages when they see our lifestyle is completely different from it.
What can our listeners who are working do different to draw people to the Gospel?

Pst. Sandeep Daniel: Always take refuge in the scriptures.I know of a young man who was starting his college in Chennai. At the start, he was confronted with some bullies who came up to him and knowing him to be a Christian, asked him to read profane words from a piece of paper and let him choose to either do that or drink up a shampoo bottle. He chose to drink it up. He vomited and ended up sick for a while. However at his return back to campus, everyone else stood back knowing who he was.Likewise we need to stake your flag as a believer right at the beginning and be a testimony of the Lord to them.

Pst. Priji Varghese: Start with your lifestyle and vocalise through that.
What challenges did you face witnessing to young people, for you got saved while still young at age?

Pst. Sandeep Daniel: When someone does not want to listen to me, I understand, firstly because I was just like them. And secondly, because the Word says, the god of this world has blinded their eyes. Be patient with them as you are patient with yourself. The only way to clear his blindness is through the Gospel. That message of “foolishness” will change the heart of the person. The Spirit of God opens the eyes. In the parable of the sower, there was nothing bad with the sower or the seed; the fault was in the soil that received it. I must be holy, be real, love and help them.

Pst. Priji Varghese: What is the role of prayer in evangelism?

Pst. Sandeep Daniel: While yet in sin, all me and my friends together sinned and lay drunk most of the time. Many of them died, but I was saved. Now I know why – it was because of the prayers of my mother.
Prayer is the spiritual ground, but you need to sow. God gives you harvest, but you must sow the seed. We shouldn’t just wait for the harvest, but go.

Pst. Priji Varghese: What would be your advice to the brothers and sisters whose family members are not yet saved?

Pst. Sandeep Daniel: Pray and have faith in God. Follow Jesus. Be loving.
You can connect with Pastor Sandeep Daniel through his website here.

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