Excellence in Conference Organising

Aug 10, 2019 | Church

This is a repost, originally published on October 21, 2017.

Pastor Priji, Pastor Vijay Belola, and Pastor Hari Rao converse on how excellence can be achieved in the planning and management of a conference, besides the importance of ensuring physical service along with the spiritual one being provided in the same.

In the church, when we hold programs and meetings, it is important to have the right kind of co-ordination and the right kind of expectations.


Pastor Priji:What do you think is that which the church in India lacks most when hosting a conference?
Pastor Vijay:Spiritual necessities are a must, but we tend to ignore the physical necessities of the people attending the meeting.
Pastor Hari:Greatness is not in doing a few things well. Greatness is in doing small things consistently well- service to the people, accessibility of the pulpit, warmth in greeting, etc. God absolutely can move in spite of the challenges, but we must ensure an apt environment for the people to receive from Him. Some are limited in excellence due to the lack of expenses. We must personally ensure help in such cases.
Pastor Priji:What is the right approach to raising funds for conferences?
Pastor Vijay:When Jesus fed the five thousand, we can expect many others- especially the women- to have carried food along, but it that one boy’s sacrifice that made the change. There are many who are willing to sow. The church is self sufficient. You do not have to look outside for help. Paul worked all his life and supported his ministry. Work not only to provide for yourself but also for the ministry.
Pastor Priji:Though the number of people is not of utmost importance, what would be a good way of reaching people?
Pastor Hari:Jesus has the crowd. Host Jesus, and the people will come. He said when He is lifted up He will draw all to Himself. Check on the Jesus you’re representing. The quality is what matters most, quantity will follow. Even if you have five or fifteen people, prepare, serve, preach like there were fifty thousand. When people are blessed, they become promoters. Value people. They are great testimonies. Engage all spheres of society for a conference and ensure necessary aid for those who require it to attend the meeting.
Pastor Priji:How can we be sure of the vision behind organizing the conference?
Pastor Vijay:There is nothing wrong with having a regular annual meeting, but it shouldn’t be done for the sake of formality. The vision should be clear. Without that a meeting becomes mundane. Jesus asked those who came to Him what they wanted. He wants the receiver to be clear on what they desire to have from Him.
Pastor Priji:What is lacking in the honour given to a man of God?
Pastor Hari:As an organiser, one must take care to pay attention to the guest ministers. The worship leaders and musicians add as much to the conference as the speaker. What is lacking in the honour provided is the spirit of excellence and service. Mostly what is done is done with an attitude of compliance to a demand. The desire to honour them must come from within. There must be a general increase in the spirit of excellence- a desire to do better. Try to achieve a standard for a small meeting that you would hold to if the Prime Minister were to attend it. Pastor, what do youthink is lacking in the conferences in India?
Pastor Priji:Being in the organising team, I do not see much of what is lacking unless we get a feedback. We must be intentional in debriefing the team once the conference is done. This very act of debriefing and planning on doing better is what is lacking in many conferences.
The Christian must humbly serve just as Jesus did.

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