Is Your Pastor Also Your Spiritual Father?

Feb 29, 2020 | Church

This is a special conversation that Pastor Priji had with his spiritual father, Pastor Shyju on the topic of sonship and fatherhood, especially in the context of a church. Although a widely misunderstood topic, we hope that this conversation will throw light on your pondering.

Here are the Questions discussed in this podcast:

How we can grow in our sonship and fatherhood in the context of church, since we have this understanding that this is only for those who need personal mentorship from a particular person who needs a spiritual father, but how would this apply in church context? Is the pastor the spiritual father? How does this function in church?

In a church set up, if a person who is regular to church and is tithing and serving the church, when can they know that their pastor is not just a pastor but a father to them? What are some of the traits to understand that his/her pastor is a father figure to them?

What is your advice to young church planters on bringing up the culture of spiritual father in their church when they plan to start a church?

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