Vision of Touch Life Family (with Bobby & Babitha)

Oct 27, 2018 | Church

This podcast is a repost, originally published on March 25, 2017.

Today, Pastor Priji talks with Bobby and Babitha Leonard about their ministry that focuses on directing the family as a unit to glorify God, and to be dependent on Him.


Pastor Priji Varghese: Can you tell us about your ministries Reverse Rock and Touch Life?

Bobby Leonard: We started with Reverse Rock. Our primary focus was to lead people to Christ. We started with playing music in different places and helping people being led to Christ. It is not just about evangelism. There needs to be an organic growth in the ministry. That’s when we started with Touch Life- a family ministry. I was initially reluctant about it as it is time consuming but my wife, Babitha, encouraged me into it because we knew it was God’s will. So we started Touch Life two years after Reverse  Rock.

Pastor Priji Varghese: Regarding Touch Life, in what areas of family do you dream this ministry to touch?

Bobby Leonard: The primary issue is the relationship between the husband and wife. People have many expectations of marriage, but when they experience reality, it seems different. They question where God is in all this and that is when we help them out by showing how to glorify God through marriage. Once the couple is firmed up in Christ, then we can move to the next level- parenting. There are many levels of parenting. It starts from the womb till the children are grown up adults.

Pastor Priji Varghese: For now you do conferences when invited. How do you see the ministry growing in the future to help more people.

Bobby Leonard: We used to do two day conferences, one day sessions or three hour workshops. As travelling frequently became inconvenient, we started using literature (for leaders, students, husbands and wives) and media (YouTube videos). We are planning to have a conference in Singapore next year inviting different countries to join in to learn how to run a family ministry in the churches. We will be helping them with materials and with any other support necessary. That is our vision for the near future. In everything our main vision is that God’s Name is glorified.

Pastor Priji Varghese: How does a church benefit when we invest into family ministry?

Bobby Leonard: The fruits of the Spirit are the internal values needed as a human being. The whole point of the program is to put these values into practice in our relationships. We believe that families build the church not just individuals. If the children see God in the family, they will grow in the church. Their purpose is being met in the church if they are rooted in Christ. If they are rooted in Christ, they can take the Kingdom forward. We also have programs that are for non believers and the church can benefit from it. They can use it to bring their neighbours to Christ.

Pastor Priji Varghese: How does it affect the children, especially those who have parents that have not been good examples?

Babitha Leonard: There are parents who pamper their children They do not understand the reality of life and what their role in life is. The media misleads them through entertainment. They get exposed to unwanted competition and lose their peace as a child.

Pastor Priji Varghese: As parents we take it lightly when it comes to children and themselves following the crowd. There is lack of love and in other situations there is lack of discipline. When we fail to discipline the children we are not only not helping them, we are actively destroying their ability to rely on God.

Bobby Leonard: We need to see what our reference is. When our kids ask us for something, we shouldn’t rely on the world but on the Bible to take decisions. Whether it is to decide on a movie or video games or food choices, it must be rooted in the Word. What you feed them is what will come out of them.

Pastor Priji Varghese: What is that one principle for young married couples or young parents?

Babitha Leonard: In life we go through many problems. Through all, we must always go back to God to be our Counsellor. He sends people or speaks through the Bible and teaches us. God is always there to walk us through, so always go back to Him.

Bobby Leonard: Be plain and truthful among yourselves. Pray together, invest your time and take them to the family altar.

Pastor Priji Varghese: To take it to God and to take things to the family altar of prayer summarizes it all. It is the goal of our life and ministry to bring people to a place of prayer and dependence on God.

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