Godless Place

by | Jan 19, 2022 | Confession

Abraham replied, “I thought, ‘This is a godless place. They will want my wife and will kill me to get her.'” – Genesis 20:11

How this day is going to turn out for you and your family is completely dependent on what you believe or depend on, on the things that you embrace and your value system, on the things that you are founded on. if you have the right perspectives, then you are going to come out as a victor. You will be more than a conqueror, otherwise all your studying, working and saving be in vain. If your belief system is not correct, then all you’ve done will be useless.

The book of Genesis 20:11 shows the belief system of Abraham, who was the friend of God. He believed and trusted God, yet there was this one fearful thought in his head, which led him to make some worst mistakes and sad choices. It says: Abraham says I thought this is a Godless place. His opinion and thought about that place was that it’s a Godless place, that it’s a place where God is not on control or cannot do anything about. You might say – ‘Yes, I am a friend of God, I love Jesus, yes He loves me and yet the circumstances that I am in, is godless in nature. God’s presence can’t be felt here. My boss is not a righteous man, my husband is not saved or my children don’t understand scripture, my church isn’t spirit filled’, we have all these reasons to tell the Lord why He cannot move in our environment and because Abraham believed that this is a godless place, he was frightened or scared for his wife and for his own life. The bible says he assumed and had nightmares about being dead and his wife being taken by someone else and this bothered him to the point where he was willing to give his wife to someone else.

Logically, thinking we have to stop and understand that the reason that he was saying this was that his wife may be stolen away but right now thats the exact point he’s at. His wife has been taken away, yet he hasn’t stopped lying or confessed the truth or told anyone how much fear he is in. Yet that tiny seed that the enemy has sowed, that this is a Godless place or place where he cannot be rescued or out of God’s control or God cannot use the resources in the confines of the palace of the land, that belief system led him to lying and aborting his own marriage and the future that was to bring the future destiny or the promises of God, because he believed this is a godless place.

This morning the situations that are threatening you, doesn’t have the final say. This is not a godless situation.

Your marriage, your work, your health, finances and career, all those things that are drowning you, confess this over them and say – “this isn’t a Godless situation and my God is able to work. Confess that each day in a way that the belief system will now become your actions.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, we thank you that your hand is not short, your word is not powerless or your eyes are not blind. This morning, we release the light of God into those dark arenas of your children’s lives and we release the omnipotence of God. There will be no areas where we will confess that this is a godless place. Every false assumption and lies, the enemy has convinced us we reject. The truth is that You are able!

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