Channel of Consecration

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Consecrate them to make them absolutely holy. After this, whatever touches them will also become holy. -Exodus 30:29 (NLT)


Welcome to another day with Jesus! As we are ready to receive Him, we must learn to let go of certain aspects in our life that does not represent Him. We must disconnect and remove the things that do not pertain to Him. We must let the Holy Spirit consecrate us. Let Him be the consuming fire to teach and guide to remove the things that are not inclined to the heart of God. In the Old Testament, the oil is the cleansing power of the Holy Spirit. The oil was used to cleanse the Tabernacle and all of its accessories. God instructs Moses to consecrate the Tabernacle and all of its surroundings with the oil. After which, these objects are holy and become set apart which cannot be used for anything which is not prescribed for the vessel. The Tabernacle and the vessels are holy, and whatever touches any of these will become holy even though they may not be anointed. In the Old Testament, the Tabernacle is where the presence of God lived. But in the New Testament, we are the Temple of God. God enjoys living in us and the fellowship we have. He desires to consecrate us as He cannot live in an unclean place. The Holy Spirit must be allowed to consecrate us regularly. And when we are holy, we pour out our holiness to others. We carry a very special oil and anointing. The people around us become holy. When we allow the Holy Spirit consecrate us, we pour out to be a channel of consecration Click To Tweet We need to believe that our anointing is not only able to purify us but also the people around us. The grace that we carry will be overflowed. Let us intentionally speak and carry what the Lord wants us to and help others be consecrated.

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