Stubborn Testing

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They stubbornly tested God in their hearts, demanding the foods they craved. – Psalms 78:18 (NLT)


Greetings in Jesus precious name, welcome to this beautiful new day God has blessed us with. Today we pursuing to do God’s will, God’s way, with God’s strength. We cannot pursue God’s will our way and we cannot pursue God’s will, God’s way with our strength. It is necessary that we come to God and depend on him, even to receive faith, obedience, grace, the power of the Holy Spirit in each and every area of our lives.

In the Old Testament, you’ll see the Journey of the Israelite from Egypt to Canaan, to their promise land. One of the reasons why they did not reach the promised land is that they continued to depend on themselves on their abilities, challenges, problems and circumstances and they try to reason to themselves, why or why they couldn’t enter into their promise.

The Bible says in Psalm 78:17 onwards, says they kept on sinning and disobeying God, rebelling again the highest in the desert. It was not a one-time thing, the constant rebellion against the highest in the desert. We will wonder why is it that God was so upset with the Israelite travelling from Egypt to their promised land? What is it that that asked for? how is it that they are so wrong in expecting food, shelter and protection?. They were desiring for the right things, but the way they were doing it, the ability that they depended on in their pursuit of victory, all of it was wrong. They were trying to check their own ability and see if they are capable to be victorious in these battles, truth be told, they were not.

We do not have to necessarily speak a blasphemous word to rebel against Him, we don’t have to necessarily become an Aethist who speaks or write stuff against God or the church or men of God to actually become rebellious. Our lack of faith, trust in God can make us rebellious.

Psalm 78:18, says they stubbornly, tested God in their hearts, not just with words and actions, demanding food that they craved for. They had access to the king of glory, to such a lavish table at the table of God. And the bible yet says they demanded the food that they craved. They didn’t have to spend 40 years before they reached Canaan and because they continued to crave foods that God didn’t want to give them. They were testing God, God saw that is a way of testing him in their hearts.

When they came out, they could have spoken well about their God, when it comes to worship, they would have sung His praises, when Moses was teaching them about the word they would have said “Amen” and “so let it be” and yet in their heart, they stubbornly kept testing the Lord.

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God wants us to leave a life that is constantly after doing things that will please Him, but His pleasure, bring glory and honour in His way. There is a high way of doing things, there is a way of the spirit of doing things if we can stick to that and if we can depend on His ability, His strength to make it happen.

This morning if you will depend on God for that, you and I can work in exceeding, abundant, victory and provisions for each and every area of our lives.

Thank in for tuning in today, I am going to be praying for you, that you will work in God’s will, ways and depend on God’s strength. Thank you have a blessed and beautiful day ahead.

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