Begin to Live

by | Feb 12, 2021 | Discernment

Leave your simple ways behind, and begin to live; learn to use good judgment. – Proverbs 9:6 NLT


Let us be ready to receive His touch from Him. In today’s word, it says, leave your simple ways behind and begin to live and learn to use good judgement. There are certain things that you need to leave behind. Certain things are very great for us, but in the Lord’s eyes, they are very simple. In our perspective, things are not simple which is because our wisdom does not help in our eternal standards. We must receive and claim the wisdom only from God. Let us leave behind the simple aspects.

The Lord commands us, to pursue life. A life which is lived in abundance as He carries that heart for us. To prosper, grow and flourish, we must let go off simple things. The simple things are not of God’s standards. Embrace the author and soul of our life.

It is a process of learning over time with persistence and resilience. Let the Lord walk you and lead you through every learning situations for Him to teach to learn good judgement. We must know what is God-ordained and what is very simple for our calling.

The abundance of God will be provided when we let go off simple things and learn to discern Click To Tweet

Let us learn to discern and let go of simple things to pursue life and embrace the process of learning good judgement through God.

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