Expose the Cunningness

by | Nov 17, 2020 | Discernment

They worked cunningly, and went pretending to be ambassadors and took [provisions and] old sacks on their donkeys and wineskins, old, torn, and mended.. – Joshua 9:4 AMPC

The enemy is always cunningly trying to take us down and one of the ways he does that is by killing our potential and by limiting us.

The Bible says the Gibeonites worked cunningly in making a treaty with Joshua while the Lord had clearly told them not to and yet because of the cunningness that was involved Joshua and the elders fell into the trap of the Gibeonites.

May in this season the Lord will expose every weapon that the devil has been cunningly devising against you.

The only way you will have victory and authority over the schemes of the devil is to stay connected to the King and Shepherd of your life, to walk in authority, to declare the Word over your life.

May divine perspective and understanding will come to you that you may be aware of all the schemes of the enemy. You will be able to see through every trap of the enemy and may you see from heaven’s perspective.

May you have the grace not to compromise on your promise land but to walk into it in victory.

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