Caught in the Snare

Feb 24, 2020 | Discipleship

Caught in the Snare

Feb 24, 2020 | Discipleship

Romans 16:17 TPT
And now, dear brothers and sisters, I’d like to give one final word of caution: Watch out for those who cause divisions and offenses among you. When they antagonize you by speaking of things that are contrary to the teachings that you’ve received, don’t be caught in their snare!

This is a warning and a word of caution that Apostle Paul is giving to the church to watch out for the people who are causing divisions and offences in the church. And he says this is the strategy they use, they will antagonise you by speaking of things that are contrary to the teachings that you’ve received and when they do that he says not to be caught in their snare.

This is a part and parcel in every church. Do you see people like these in your church, family or home? If you find some one then you need to bring it to the notice of your leaders or elders, else if we give in to them we will be caught up in their snare.

When the devil wants to trick us, he just doesn’t come with temptations, but it might be even as harmless as the conversation that he had with Eve in the garden.

Likewise, a simple conversation out of lack of understanding can lead you away from everything that God has planned for you and thats why the Bible says to be careful to know who they are in your church.

May every false illusions of doctrines be exposed in Jesus’ name. May God give the grace to avoid these traps today.

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