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Jan 21, 2019 | Discipleship

2 Timothy 4:5 NLT
But you should keep a clear mind in every situation. Don’t be afraid of suffering for the Lord. Work at telling others the Good News, and fully carry out the ministry God has given you.

We study a portion of scripture every day to try and get a little closer to the heart of God. God’s word is meant to give us instruction and direct us towards the heart of God.

In 2 Timothy 4:5 – Apostle Paul writes to his spiritual son Timothy on the things he wants him to be constantly working at. Paul is aware that his life would end soon and this would be one of his last letters to Timothy. He talks about 4 things in this verse:

– Keep a clear mind in every situation. Do this throughout the day. What are the things that can bring doubts, fears and questions in our mind and disconnect us from our destiny? Learn to bring all those things to the feet of Jesus and surrender it to Him. Don’t let your mind be clogged by the opinions, expectations and advice of people. Sometimes even good things can fill our mind and stop our ability to think further. This morning start your day by de-cluttering every thought in your head.

– Don’t be afraid of suffering for the Lord. Be active in looking out for opportunities where the Lord lets you suffer for Him. This means if you have to sacrifice something in order to get closer to God, don’t be discouraged by it and don’t be afraid of giving it up. Fear is never a good catalyst in helping you reach your destiny.

– Work at telling others the good news. Constantly work at telling other about Jesus. Tell them that they are loved, cared for and forgiven by the Lord. What are you doing today to tell people about Jesus?

– Fully carry out the ministry that God has given you. See to its fullness. This season God is telling us that we will see the fullness of several things we began last year. For some of us, ministry may not necessarily be in the church. It could be in our offices or in our relationships with our spouse or families. The more responsive you are to the voice of God in your life, the more you will know what your ministry is and have the awareness of how to bring it to its fullness.

Father, I pray that you would release clarity in our mind so that we would be able to keep our mind clear in every situation. We also pray that you will give us the grace to not be afraid to suffer for you. Give us strength to work hard to preach the Good News to others. Give us the wisdom to bring everything we have started to its fullness. Thank you for the new grace you are releasing this morning. Fill your people with Your Spirit for a fresh impartation in the season ahead.

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