Feed Your Favour

Sep 13, 2018 | Discipleship

Numbers 20:21 NLT
Because Edom refused to allow Israel to pass through their country, Israel was forced to turn around.

Edom’s forefather is Esau, and Israel’s forefather is Jacob, Esau’s brother. Esau sold his rights as first born child to Jacob, for a morsel of meat and later regretted it because he lost the blessing of his father. However, Esau saw that the favor of God was upon Jacob and even though his physical self wanted to destroy Jacob, his heart melted when he saw Jacob. He realized that fighting Jacob would mean fighting the favor of God.

In Numbers 20:21, almost 400 years later, we see Esau’s descendants, a generation of Edomites who didn’t know the favor of God that was upon Israel, in their anger, they chased the Israelites out.

So often we do the same. When the Lord brings people our way who can be a blessing to us, have the courage and wisdom to feed them; you would unknowingly be feeding the favor of God upon these people. We can see examples of this in the Bible:

– When David was running away from Absalom, he encountered two men – one man cursed him and the other brought him provisions. The man who brought provisions was blessed and the other was killed by David’s son Solomon.

– Abraham was encountered by three men who were on their way to another place. Instead of letting them pass by, Abraham was hospitable and honored them with the best food in his house. These men were angels of God and blessed Abraham with a child.

– Jesus said whatever you do for one of my little ones, you are doing it for Me. (read Matthew Chapter 25)

May God give you the grace to identify those people around you who have the favor of God. And when you do, go overboard in celebrating and honoring them. Whatever you do to them, you are doing unto Jesus and you will be repaid according to Heaven’s standards.

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