God of Love & Peace

Feb 14, 2020 | Discipleship

God of Love & Peace

Feb 14, 2020 | Discipleship

2 Corinthians 13:11 NLT
“Dear brothers and sisters, I close my letter with these last words: Be joyful. Grow to maturity. Encourage each other. Live in harmony and peace. Then the God of love and peace will be with you.”

God wants us to grow every moment of our life each day that God gives us.
Paul is teaching his disciples few pointers that they cannot forget:
1 – To be joyful
One of the best ways to represent how much God is working in our lives is by the way we respond to the people around us with joy inspite of our circumstances or challenges.

2 – Grow to maturity
In the previous chapter he is teaching on spiritual maturity saying as a child he spoke as a child, but now since he is grown to maturity he responds in a different way. According to him the primary indicator of maturity is when one responds to all his life’s situations with love.

3 – Encourage each other
Its one things to say “I love you”, but another thing is to say “I love you and I will stand by you to support you to push you to your God given destiny”.

4 – To live in harmony and peach
The Bible doesn’t just talk about worship God, love God and forget everything else but it emphasises living in peace with people that you are surrounded by.

And only then the Bible says that the God of love and peace will be with us.

May the Lord cause this to become a personal revelation to you today.

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