God Will Reward Me

Jun 21, 2018 | Discipleship

Isaiah 49:4
I replied, “But My work seems so useless! I have spent My strength for nothing and to no purpose. Yet I leave it all in the Lord’s hand; I will trust God for My reward.”

Series: The Book of Isaiah

Today’s verse, Isaiah 49:4, is a prayer by Jesus when He was in the course of His ministry on earth. The book of Isaiah talks about a lot of prophecies about Jesus on what He would do.

This prophecy says there would be a point in Jesus’ life being the most successful, anointed pastor ever lived on the face of the earth because He did the Father’s will but the Bible says there were days Jesus felt everything is useless or purposeless.

As Jesus felt that way, there are times we feel the same. Jesus was disappointed with the result the disciples gave and He said, How long will I be with you? that is why He went back in prayer.

For Jesus, His encouragement did not come from knowing thousands of people are following Him or from the sick getting healed or the dead being raised rather His encouragement came from the times He spent with God.

The Bible says, at one time a company of Moses and Elijah came and encouraged Him, another time angels came and started ministering to Him and the times where He would speak to the Father and receive encouragement from the Father. That’s how life is supposed to be lived!

When we try to derive encouragement from people around us and from what we do it’ll make us feel purposeless and useless because everything is futile.

Jesus said, I will trust God for My reward. Not in Peter, because he’s going to betray someday, or Judas, or the disciples, or His own mother, because she is incapable of helping Him in the trial and struggle, or the teachers of the law or Pilate.

Let Jesus be the role model of our life and the standard of our living which will make life more easier. When Jesus rewards you, you will have no reasons to be sad. May God be your rewarder and the restorer of your fortunes.

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