Love One Another

Feb 4, 2019 | Discipleship

Love One Another

Feb 4, 2019 | Discipleship

2 John 1:5 NLT
I am writing to remind you, dear friends, that we should love one another. This is not a new commandment, but one we have had from the beginning.

In 2 John 1:5, Apostle John is reminding the people to continue to love one another. This is not the new commandment that Jesus introduced, but this is the commandment from the beginning of the creation.

God commanded us to love one another and expected a devotion to one another like in each and every relationship that has been handed down from in Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel and many others.

The one principle that God expected from the beginning is the principle of love, sacrifice, devotion and commitment.

Love is hardest thing to do yet love is the only way that we can be successful in this planet.

Why is our success dependent on love?

Without love, we can make lot of money, accumulate lot of followers with our talents and shows. The true wealth in our life is investing into other people’s life with our love, devotion and commitment to what God is releasing in us when we release it into other people. This will create the eternal impact.

When Apostle John says ‘dear friends, I am writing to remind you‘ which means we already know it and to none of us it is new.

Why do we need to have an agape towards people?

Philos is the word for our expression of love in Greek which is as simple as I like you because you are funny, sweet and beautiful. We don’t really agape people.

God is expecting us to agape the people in the same measure that the Father loved us, Jesus loved us and in the same measure of love we get from heaven. We have to love the people that God has entrusted us with.

Every relationship that we have on the earth will be the glimpse and reason for the people to see and experience Jesus.

In Bible, it is so clear that God is love.
It is not possible for us to live a lifestyle of love that people around us don’t experience Jesus.

The only way people around us don’t experience Jesus is when we are full of religion, regulations and full of ourselves. It is just but being selfish.

Love means to lay down ourself, to sacrifice, to go an extra mile, to bless those who hurt you and persecute you and to endure till the end and cover the other persons fault.

Can we commit this day, this week and the month ahead and be an instrument of God’s love. Not just in the life of those that we see every day, but even to those that we don’t really have great attachment.

We can see and experience how God will turn it around and make sure your love for no man falls on the ground.

To Every person you love, God will encounter them, touch them and reach out to them.

May that be the encouragement with which you live you day ahead.

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