No Access to HIS Presence?

Mar 18, 2020 | Discipleship

No Access to HIS Presence?

Mar 18, 2020 | Discipleship

Psalm 15:1-3 NLT
Who may worship in your sanctuary, LORD? Who may enter your presence on your holy hill? Those who lead blameless lives and do what is right, speaking the truth from sincere hearts. Those who refuse to gossip or harm their neighbors or speak evil of their friends.

This podcast is a repost, was originally published on August 29, 2017.

Series: Danger of Gossip

According to this verse from the Old Testament, one needs to be blameless, do what is right, speak the truth from a sincere heart, and not gossip in order to enter the sanctuary of God.

According to the New Testament, the moment one gets saved, he/she becomes blameless and pure like God.

Even though gossiping was dangerous in the Old testament, one can understand its dangers by considering Jesus’ words in the New Testament

Matthew 5:23-24
“So if you are presenting a sacrifice at the altar in the Temple and you suddenly remember that someone has something against you, [24]leave your sacrifice there at the altar. Go and be reconciled to that person. Then come and offer your sacrifice to God.

Jesus expects His people to respect human relations.

Being surrounded by people who are evil, everyone is tempted to gossip on a regular basis.

Without realizing, one feels the need to gossip and speak evil about others in order to prove that he/she is better than that other person.

One need not justify himself/herself by speaking evil about others as it is God who justifies and declares him/her righteous.

If one’s intention is to correct someone, then he/she should try to speak to that person first and not gossip in their absence; another person can be involved to help solve things only if this first step didn’t work.

At the first sign of something turning into a gossip, one should try to change the topic and flee from it.

Hope this podcast has blessed you and has encouraged you to live a blameless life and enter into His sanctuary without any guilt.

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