No Payment for Disobedience

Dec 10, 2019 | Discipleship

No Payment for Disobedience

Dec 10, 2019 | Discipleship

1 Kings 13:8-10 MSG
The holy man told the king, “Not on your life! You couldn’t pay me enough to get me to sit down with you at a meal in this place. I’m here under God ‘s orders, and he commanded, ‘Don’t eat a crumb, don’t drink a drop, and don’t go back the way you came.’ ” Then he left by a different road than the one on which he had walked to Bethel.

This podcast is a repost, was originally published on June 15, 2017

The holy man had prophesied against the wickedness of Israel, that God would break all the shrines and altars. As this was prophesied the king offered him to stay back and have a meal. The holy man responded that he was there on God’s orders and nobody could dissuade him into doing something that God had not ordered him to do.

There is no payment, no gift or no honour that is big enough to disobey God.

Many a times turning the stone into bread sounds easier by using God’s name. We use that as an escape mechanism out of the problems and the worries of life.

Instead, take a step of faith and choose to not bow down to disobedience in order to get an extra morsel of food or a promotion. Choose to not compromise your character no matter how difficult it is or how many people mock you. Choose to not bow down to disobey God.

The holy man’s loyalty was first to God and then to the king. In those days the king had authority to put people to death. However, the holy man had the audacity to tell the king that he was not there on his orders, he was there on God’s orders. God had commanded him not to eat anything from there.

Sometimes, when God sends his orders he asks us to remain uncomfortable, he tells us to remain unsatisfied physically. Because the moment we get satisfied and comfortable we get adjusted to the filth around us and before we know it, that filth around us would come on the inside.

That is why at times, God separates us from some of our closest friends or family members, so that God can preserve our life.

We need to remember – when we are on God’s assignment, one thing that will help us have holy supernatural arrogance is that we are protected and cared for by God and when we are cared for by God, we don’t have to worry about anything or anybody .

The Bible says the man doesn’t return to Bethel the same way he came to Bethel. He listened to God’s word to an extent that he saw success in his life. The holy man had a terrible end for different reasons, but the reason his life was successful to this point was because he remained obedient to the voice of God.

Let’s pray that we will be receptive to the voice of God in our life. Our identity is not based on how great we are but based on our attitude towards life. The reason everybody referred to him as the ‘holy man’ was because he chose not to partake of the ordinary feast and meal that was prepared. He chose to be separated. Hence God calls him holy.

Let’s declare that we will be men and women who will not disobey God no matter what. We would remain unsatisfied and uncomfortable in order to fulfill the purposes of God in our life. And remain aware that when we are on God’s assignment God protects us no matter what happens!

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